This is my most recent release.

The label did a physical release as well, so if anyone is inclined to do so, DM and I’ll send a free cd your way.

There’s lots of gear used on this, however the most interesting piece was the Microgranny by Bastl. I think it appears on every piece.

It’s down tempo and ambient leaning, so don’t expect any hands in the air moments, but it might be enjoyable enough to have on in the background.

I’m not sure how to embed the player I’m afraid, so there’s a link below



really enjoyed this album. its so thoroughly exploring this off-center audio world. the first and last songs are really great openers/closers. and a lot of great moving-while-still musical moments (e.g. You Are A Machine).

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Thank you for the kind words! And for the listen.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. :blush:

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