Broken Gear Mourning Thread/Graveyard

I managed to bend it back and fix most of what broke, but I sold a Minilogue to someone on Reverb and it showed up after about 8 weeks mangled in a box full of holes. Someone at the USPS had dropped something very heavy right on the middle of the box. No insurance.

The filter freq knob was the one thing I couldn’t get working again. I donated it to these folks, and they’re gonna try to fix it. Hopefully it will live on.


I used to have a Bastl Popcorn
It broke one day
Would get stuck in the wrong loop
I sent it in for repairs
the courier lost the thing
it will never receive a proper burial
who know where it is now


I have lost
the Bastl
broke one day

and which
you sent in for

Forgive me
I was the courier
and so stoned


Haha we should make a song from this!

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