Bucchla dream and nano hack

Hello, just hacks my nanoKontrol with bucchla dreams in mind
and i have think it can maybe interest some of you.
It’s really easy to do and really changes this black nano looks :slight_smile:


Hey @nay-seven just saw this old post and it looks really great! Thinking of ordering a NanoKontrol2 as my go-to Bitwig controller, and this would seal the deal. How’d you do it? A link or direction for where to order the parts would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

(Update: a bit of research led me to https://www.mammothelectronics.com)

(Update update: don’t buy on Mammoth Electronics. the Buchla sliders there are too tight a fit and will break. Thonk or Mouser are probably better options!)

yes , there’s several resellers, here a zoom picture if needed

( and sorry for delay answer)

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