Bugbrand Thread

Just wanted to start an equipment thread for the Bugbrand love.

Tom’s new ‘Chirper’ creation just went on sale in his shop, here’s a vid:

Bugbrand Chirper Video

He also put up a neat performance video of some modules he has in progress at the moment:
Bugmodular performance

Anyone else using Bugbrand stuff? I see a lot of Buchla users grabbed the processing red modules over the past few years, delay, spring reverb, crossover filter, compressor eq etc.


I like Bugbrand.

They sound wonderful and Tom is a great person to deal with.

I’ve got a modular and a postcard weevil. They are two of my favourite things.
I’ve posted a picture of the modular before so apologies to those who have already seen it. Here it is in its new arrangement. The postcard weevil is old and somewhat cantankerous these days!

Modular and banana friends (for some missing Bugbrand functionality).

Postcard weevil

I shared some sounds from the modular in another thread:

and here is one with the postcard weevil:


Yowza! That’s one hell of a system :heart_eyes:
I know your bandcamp I listened to your weevil recordings a lot already! I’ve had many of the weevils over the years, including the much coveted audioweevil08, but have passed many of them on in favour of the modular.

I never got the chance to try the old blue modular due to money restrictions when he was producing them, and they pretty much never come on sale now, barring 1 guy that’s had an ebay listing for months but won’t split up his system.

I have the synthvoice, crossover filter + x, dual preamp prototype, and now chirper incoming, will get a PT Delay when they’re back in stock. I also have one of those metalbox matrix mixers on it’s way to me and a Future Sound Systems Convulsion generator in banana frac.
I don’t think Tom is planning any control type things (touchplates etc) for a very long time so I use 2 Meng Qi Arcade manifolds and a Voltage Memory with mine along with a double knot and a tetrax. Also modifying a boardweevil2012 into a nice big enclosure with banana jacks and a couple of sequencers.

It looks like Tom is working on a lot of exciting stuff at the moment for release in the not to distant future, glad I can finally join in on this bug modular fun!

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I like Bugbrand too. I have an old Audioweevil, which I now realize I haven’t used in a while.

But, the difficulty in catching something when it’s available (buy it as soon as you hear about it or never see it again) led me to just give up on trying to get anything more from him. I still like to check in to see what Tom is up to, since he has lots of clever ideas.

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Ah awesome which version of audioweevil do you have? I never tried the '07 or older ones. The '08 was a beast though!
Yeah I think it’s something you kind of need to devote yourself too, I know I am at the moment planning on pretty much only purchasing Bugs this year, with the Koma field kit fx i already backed as one exemption.

I have the 08, looks like this one:


It was used to make this release many years ago (which, forgive my spamminess, I think I posted here once before):


I was lucky and just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be able to buy the modular stuff from Tom when he was producing them. Seven years later I end up with this! It can be hard to get things from Tom due to his producing small batches but I respect his business choices and feel he is very much worth supporting. I don’t really have any other purchases planned although I did just find out about the shift register he is working on today which I may keep an eye on as I don’t have anything like that in my system at the moment.

I’ve had a few weevils over the years but the postcard weevil is the only one left. Lots of other ones had more functionality but there’s something about the simplicity and sound of the postcard weevil that I love.

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Ah i know this release! I’ve played it so many times. This EP (along with some bandcamp tracks from a guy called KNYST) made me want to seek out and buy an audioweevil08! It’s a superb EP!

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Yep he is a stand up guy, always indulges my questions and clearly has a strong ethos in his work. I too have respect for his business choices.
Yep the DDSR looks awesome, I will certainly be getting one when they become available.

I only have 2 Boardweevil2012’s left, one blue one which has been hacked apart for the aforementioned modifications, and one yellow one that I’ve attached a minihjack to the output pad of osc1 and the ground to use as a clock output from driving sequencers/drum machines (works great!).

Thanks, that’s kind of you to say. Always happy to know someone is listening to this stuff.


I started a thread in the muffwiggler Bugbrand sub for this, but thought I would post here too in case there are any bug users that wouldn’t have seen it there.

Call for submissions for a Bugbrand compilation tape!:

Hi everyone!

I am launching a new electronic music label next month focusing on cassette and digital releases and after a brief discussion with Tom thought it could be good to release a Bugbrand compilation, sort of inspired by Game of Life’s ‘Made of Wood’ releases for ciat lonbarde instruments.

This thread is initially to gauge interest - here are my thoughts:

  • I would fund a run of 50 tapes.

  • I am not looking to make any money in doing this. The tapes would sell at cost and the digital release would be free for download and streaming. This means there would be no payment to any contributors, furthermore any physical copies for contributors would need to be paid for (somewhere in the region of £4-£5 per tape + shipping). The label venture for myself and my label partner is simply to create nicely packaged, good sounding audio documents for people that enjoy the tape format, world domination couldn’t be farther from our minds. If anyone wanted multiple copies for themselves to sell on/give away or distribute themselves I have no issues with that whatsoever, potentially if people wanted enough we could increase the manufacturing run.

  • Now to the actual content! All tracks should comprise of Bugbrand sound sources only. This means all oscillators and creative processors (defined later) should be Bugbrand only. If you are not fortunate enough to own a Bugbrand sequencer or control surface etc but would like to use one with your bugs this would be entirely acceptable (cirklon, beatstep pro, sq-1 whatever). If you do own a Bugbrand sequencer / means of control please do use it!

  • ‘Creative’ processors (for want of a better term) are - any filters, waveshapers, distortion, ring mod, etc etc should be Bugbrand only.

  • ‘Mix’ processors - we want to keep the Bug sound as pure as possible, however mix tools like eq, compression/limiting and delay/reverbs are allowed however you normally would do so. If you own a Bugbrand eq/compressor/ptdelay/spring tanker - please use them! What we’re getting at here is please don’t drench your recording in soundtoys plugins and 100% wet infinite reverbs and granular fx. Likewise please don’t make your Roland space echo or strymon bluesky the focus of your piece.

  • To that end please work within the confines of your Bugbrand setup a much as possible. It would be great if all envelopes/lfos/modulators etc were bugs, but understood if that’s not possible. If you only own a chirper or a weevil - great! Minimal styles are welcome.

  • Multitracking, overdubbing and editing - I think it’s hopefully implied but tracks made via multitracking, overdubbing and editing / splicing sections, riffs, sequences or whatever together that may not be ‘performable’ as such are totally fine, if that’s the way you work. Just please don’t create a microsound granular piece Mr. Green

  • I am undecided on drum machine inclusion - what do people think? I really enjoy a lot of the techno and acid etc styles I’ve heard produced with the bugs.

  • Please record in 24bit 44.1kHz. You can record however you like - via microphone, line in, to tape, on a wax cylinder etc - just please ensure your final 2track is 24bit 44.1kHz - this is a standard the majority of people will be able to adhere to, and most cassette manufacturers will want 44.1kHz files to transfer from. Mix for stereo! Tape crosstalk is not an issue in the same way as it is for vinyl so if you want to invert phases via your svfilters/crossover filters etc please do.

  • Please keep track lengths sensible - a preliminary max length would be 5mins with some wiggle room should people under/overshoot.

  • Lists of modules/equipment used are highly encouraged and / or patch photos / diagrams welcome.

  • Mastering will be completed by dogoftears who has very generously offered to do so for free. I’ll create a running order from the submissions and send over to him to work his magic.

  • Please refrain from posting your track online anywhere until the compilation has been released!! Your work is your own property of course but it would be nice to release this as a big bunch of awesome, previously unheard music.


I realise that’s quite a lot of information to take in. The Bugbrand community has produced some fantastic music over the years, I think it would be awesome to showcase the variety of sounds and styles Tom’s instruments inspire us to make.

Please let me know if you are interested in contributing and any opinions on what I’ve said below.



Can I create a microsound granular piece if I do it entirely within my Bugbrand modular!?

Sounds like fun. Would like to contribute. I’ve really not heard much of what many of the people I used to know with Bugbrand are doing these days.

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How would you do that? Didn’t know it was possible :blush:
I’m hoping some of the older system people contribute - I listen to the old recordings posted on soundcloud and bandcamp and YouTube etc a lot!

Maybe not in the technical sense but sound-wise I reckon so.
Gives me something to work towards!

Oh if you can recreate the sonics then by all means do it! I just meant don’t take a 1ms sample of a Bugbrand sound and process it via computer :ok_hand:t2:

I recently changed my primary delay, but not feeling fully satisfied. Not sure if there is a complete satisfaction to be found in the world of delays, though. The ‘perfect’ delay always seems to be around next corner no matter what I’ve got…

Anyway, my focus fell on the Bugbrand PT Delay. From what I gather Tom is running a small batch of them in march. Do anyone have one of these, or any experience with them? They look very well-built and sound pretty damn good, with plenty of character.

@slopstream I got one a few weeks back - it’s superb! Don’t expect to be able to go too long on the times without some serious crunchy clunky hissy spitty artifacts though (can be dampened or exaggerated via the shaping eqs). Personally I love that it allows for weird artifacty usage. It does the karplus strong thing well, and will work with cvs from your grackler nicely. The shaping eqs make it very versatile and can do very nice warm analog style delays or thin whispy barely there ambience. The cut switches and massive knob make it very performable. In short - it’s awesome.
I have come to realise there is a very good reason you don’t see Bugbrand stuff come up for second hand sale very often!


Thanks Chris. Hopefully I will be able to pick one up!

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https://www.patch-point.com/bugbrand-1/bugbrand-pt-delay Has one in stock it seems :slight_smile:

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I’m intrigued. Has Tom started selling through shops now? It’s not something he’s ever done before that I know of.

On topic - the PT delay is great fun. I have the old blue modular version. The very first patch I did when I got some Bugbrand was an exercise in causing the PT chip a bit of stress!