Bugbrand Thread


The patchpoint prices are higher - same cost as Tom’s + VAT + shipping, then you pay 20% VAT on that total price + shipping from patchpoint. I think Tom allows Darrin to sell his things as they are a banana synth specialist and I guess it’s a way for those who are desperate to find something in stock somewhere (I know because I bought my synthvoice from patchpoint out of desperation - Tom said he won’t be building more until at least June/July).


Makes sense. I don’t know the prices of Tom’s stuff off the top of my head but the ones from that shop did seem a bit higher.


finally catching up on this thread. love bugbrand. sounds incredible, and as a modular system is really well thought out, everything is logical, inputs/knobs are colour coded, and modules are straightforward to use but often include neat little extras features. and tom is an outstanding person to deal with (i do wish i was able to convince him to do a white whale or ansible port. and a multiband distortion processor. i did try!).

the first system i bought from somebody went through a train derailment on its way to me, thankfully nobody was hurt and the system arrived safely. eventually expanded it to this:

unfortunately, there was a time when i really needed money, and was stupid enough to think that bug didn’t really fit my workflow, so sold most of it. then later i’d be listening to some old recordings i made and thinking “this sounds really good” and it would almost always turn out to be a recording of my old bug system. so little by little got this small system set up:

which i since expanded with a synth voice (i have an expanded DRM1 as well). now that i’ve got a chirper i think i’ll make 1 full red row with DRM1 / chirper, and use their cases to assemble a 2x16 case. i’ll try to record something for the compilation (great idea!) once it’s set up.


I don’t have much but I like what I have :+1:t2:


Those are some fantastic systems. I’m dying for a CTL1 / CTL2 to add to my setup, I think those sorts of control surfaces are very far from Tom’s mind at the moment though. Also been looking for a DRM1 for well over a year with not a single sighting of one for sale! Sounds like you’ll have an enormous system once all assembled. I loved your clips with the grids controlling your bugs.


Ooh nice, that’s the rolls royce of weevils. I still prefer the 2012 boardweevil as the filter is a bit nastier in a woolly/broken radio kind of way, but the routing options and the knobs the 2015 are excellent!


To all interested @scanner_darkly @sandy tentative deadline for first submission set at April 16th.
Hope that’s ok!


Sounds ok to me.
Better get patching :slight_smile:


Submissions should be sent to 0premail@gmail.com



Click for video

I want to join the compilation too, is there any free slots @dermo ? I think you may already have enough submissions. Thanks.


Hello sir!! Still space - I mentioned on the muffwiggler thread I may split into 2 tapes or do a vol1 and vol2 so the more the better really! The reality is that some people may not submit as intended too. So yes please do contribute we’d love to have a track from you!!

Also - wow! How many of these expanded panels did he send out! Tom says he’s adamant on not producing them for sale, I’m jealous :blush:


This thread is making me really want some bugbrand pieces. Too bad it’s so hard to get.


It’s really not too bad :slight_smile:

Just sign up to the mailing list and you’ll get notification when things go up for sale. You do need to be reasonably quick then but it’s usually a case of hours rather than minutes.

The older discontinued items do come up for sale now and then on MW mainly but that’s a bit more pot luck.


agree with @sandy - I’ve basically kept my eyes open every day for new stuff and since I bought the crossover filter (last october I think) I’ve managed to find everything else I have - synthvoice frame, pt delay, spring tanker, chirper, syn1 weevil. Chirper wasn’t particularly hard to get, was definitely in stock over 24hours, and then there was a second batch.
There’s some fun bug compatible frac stuff out there too, I have a radiomusic module in frac, a future sound systems ‘convulsion generator’, metalbox matrix mixer… plenty of DIY frac kits around too.


@scanner_darkly @MengQiMusic just a gentle reminder that the submission deadline is just under 2 weeks away. We have 9 submissions so far, need to get cracking on a track myself!


That’s great!
I’m looking forward to hearing them all.


Thank you for reminding! My patch is ready and I’ll record it soon. :smile:


I listened to your Sidrolz album on my way to work this morning - it’s amazing! Really really love it, I can’t wait to get the tape.


Thank you for buying the album :four_leaf_clover: Glad you like it.


looks like i won’t be able to participate unfortunately, trying to finish something for a synth meet didn’t leave enough time to work on a track. really looking forward to it and hopefully there will be another chance to contribute!