Bugbrand Thread


Bummer! Well… the April 16th deadline was preliminary. Ive been super busy trying to see our first two tape releases through smoothly and haven’t finished my own track yet either. Beyond that I have 3 more releases to get out before this one so if you have time after the meet to complete a track please do and send it over - we’d love to have you on there!


Just got one of these, found this vid whilst waiting for it. Love it!


Excellent decision made there :wink:.
Been having heaps of fun controlling the delay time with envelopes whilst sending in percussive sounds - makes your rhythm sound drunk :dizzy_face:


I love mine too. It was the first piece of a growing Bug system that I love more than a lot of my other equipment.


They’re fun!

Do the red ones get to karplus type settings? My guess is they do as I imagine they’re roughly based on the second revision modular ones. That’s one of my favourite things with Tom’s PT Delays.

Speaking of new things, old new things, I got something in a trade with a friend yesterday.
One of the original Bugs modular oscillators. A little bit different (sine output for example) to the later SYN2A modules that were more widely produced.


Very nice! What did you part with for that?

Yep they go into karplus territory for sure… the big ol knob hasn’t an enormous range on the sweep though so I tend to use the ctl1 to dial in precise times. My only wish is that there would be a cv input for feedback amount.


I need to go off and try it out - haven’t actually heard it yet! I’ve never owned one as they were not in production by the time I got my first Bugs modules. Not very many of them around I’d guess.
I traded one of the newer SYN2A oscillators for it. These are quite deep and my friend needed something shallower for his current case.


Ah yes. My CTL1 and SYN1 mk1 are too deep for the new cases. I am going to mod the weevil when i get the chance to reduce it’s depth, luckily it’s only attached by the potentiometer legs so hoping to desolder, rotate that board 90degrees, solder wires to the potentiometer legs and use some zip ties or something to hold the board in place. Not the neatest solution, but a solution at least.


You should see the lengths I’ve gone to to have a CGS/Metalbox slope detector in my Bugs system. Had to fashion a bracket to hold the hugely deep PCB at right angles to the panel and even then it can only sit beside the matrix mixer to give it enough space!


The Matrix mixer didn’t fit in the newer shallow frame with the mounting bracket for the main PCB, that board is literally attached via the wires connecting it to the banana input jacks. I used a super stiff thick wire for the purpose but still… :neutral_face:
pardon my ignorance, what does a slope detector do / add to a bugbrand system? If it’s too much to describe i’ll gladly go rtfm, just curious what you use it for.


Yes, my Metalbox matrix mixer is in one of the old deep Bugs boats fortunately.

Slope Detectors output three separate gates. One when the input voltage is rising, one when it is falling and one when it is in a steady state. You can plug pretty much anything (LFOs, noise etc…) into them and get gates out. Useful for lots of stuff - like syncing to modules that don’t have their own gate/trigger outputs. One thing that is good fun is plugging in a joystick module so you then have gates depending on what direction you are moving it that can trigger different events/sounds.

It’s a module I like in any system. Not really there to make up for any Bugs shortcomings necessarily.


That sounds awesome, from what little i’ve read it sounds like a Serge principal I’m guessing? I shall investigate.
I really like the look of the metalbox gate sequencer with the toggles for each step a la Metasonix D1000… may have to invest.


I’m intrigued, what else is in the system? Would love to hear some of your music :+1:


So far I have three red units: PT Delay, Chirper, and Crossover Filter.

I’m always on the lookout of more, but they seem to rarely come up used. I’m also on Tom’s list, so any time he has stock of something I don’t have I will be placing an order :slight_smile:

I haven’t recorded much with these alone yet, but am planning to use them for the upcoming LCRP (//// hylozoic : lcrp.2018.solstice.1////)

I did use the PTDelay on my upcoming album: https://soundcloud.com/newtendencies/trust


Ace! There’s someone selling a DRM1 over on muffwiggler at the moment, those things pretty much never come on sale.
Will check out the music on my way home from work later :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up! I just messaged the seller.


@emenel, let me know if you’re interested in a stereo compressor to round that out.


I, too, have entered the BugBrand realm with a PT Delay (2013 version)… the first of many! Or at least some! :laughing:

I’ve been quietly socking away cash in hopes of another run of the Synth Voice, but I wonder if the Clock Frame work will delay that… :thinking:

The DDSR looks great, I really dug your “Spatial Acid Jam” with it @dermo!


Ooh nice! It’s a slippery slope from there. There should be more synthvoice frames soon according to Tom (so probably nearer the end of the year I’d imagine)
Also thanks! I should post some vids here really.


It is indeed a slippery slope :slight_smile: I now have the delay, compressor, chirper, and filter. Frame and ddsr will be here next week. It’s a great ecosystem.