Bugbrand Thread


@dermo Not sure I’ve been this excited about sliding down a slope since I got my first Mannequins eurorack module. Nearer to year’s end is good… gives me time to make some space. And plans.

And yeah… share the vids here too.

@emenel That sounds like a nice system! I’d love to do a Red frame with the Chirper, PT Delay, CO Filter and Spring Tanker :crossed_fingers:


does anyone have any experience with the stereo compress? always looking for nonstandard bus compressors and didn’t even know he made one.


I have one. It’s excellent and can be subtle or aggressive. It definitely has a character, not a generic compressor.


Spring tankers are really hard to come by, you’ll have to have cash ready at all times for it. Last one I saw for sale was the one I got a few months back and I was looking for about 4/5minths prior to that. Have seen lots of wtb posts on Muffs looking for one too!

It is really awesome, totally understandable that people aren’t quick to give them up.


This should produce some amount of fun…


A good SpringTanker alternative is the Knas Moisturizer. Lets you do similar things, has lots of cv inputs and options. I love mine…


Would love to hear that combo!


Moisturiser is bags of fun - filtering is quite a different flavour to the spring tanker but certainly the best alternative


Yeah, not the same but similar in intent and the way you can use it. And available :slight_smile:


Chirper in and chirping along… what a fantastic combo with the PT Delay!

And now a question… @scanner_darkly and anyone else using Ansible (et. al.) in conjunction with your Bugs… are you using something to scale/offset the voltages from Ansible, or do things “just work” (cabling aside)?


bugbrand uses 1V/Oct so you don’t need to scale. but:

Note also that the 1V/Oct responses of the Oscillators and Filter are only quite accurate - fine for good tracking over a few octaves - and does not feature temperature compensation. Chirper was designed more as a surprise box than a well-pitched synth, but I saw it as a bonus to add simple 1V/Oct response.



More concerned with this:

  • +/-5V = ‘Bipolar’ swing from -5V to +5V centred around ground (0V) - eg. VCO, LFO, VCA
  • 0-10V = ‘Unipolar’ swing from 0V to +10V - eg. Gate, Envelope

Levels (Ansible) and White Whale (module) docs both state that they put out 0-10V, so I’m curious how folks are dealing with that if you need to get a bipolar signal into your Bugs. Thinking more long-term… less specifically about the Chirper and more about the SynthVoice (or if I’m lucky enough to snag some Old Blue modules down the line)…


for 1V/Oct only a positive range is typically used, so for modulating pitch it should be fine. for things other than pitch synthvoice has attenuverters on each mod input, so a positive only range is not a problem.


the -5v/+5v swing is the output of the oscillators, more just a warning not to plug them into any other gear that will break with negative voltage.
I use positive only CV sources with my Bugbrand all the time (Korg SQ1, beatstep pro, keystep, meng qi voltage memory, ciat lonbarde etc), most with only a 0-5v swing.
For osc pitch that’s still 5 octaves of notes and, if accurate tuning matters to you, just means you will need to tune your 0v CV to pitch the lowest possible note you may want to use as you will only be able to CV notes higher than that.


I really like mixing Bugbrand Stereo Compress, PTDelay, Spring Tanker, CrossOver Filters with the Double Knot and Hordijk synthesizers. Any size of kit, the mix of them all together is never ending fun. I’m looking forward to trying a Dual Digital Shift Register someday. I think it will be a lot of fun to arrange instruments with that module as a center piece. LFSRs are amazing to play with. Definitely the center piece of my life for a while now. It’s hard to imagine going back to sequencing in other ways. The accidental opus is such a gift.


Converted my minijack CTL1 to nanners…

Now I need a 3FW case to put it in! :joy:


Hey great work @fever606! Was it hard to desolder all the minijacks? Tom will sell you a 3fw case if you’re stuck for finding one.

I expanded my system to be 16fw wide 9u tall with an 11fw skiff in front. It’s a beast! The 3fw worth of blanks are going to become a 1fw 3 in 1 out passive dc mixer and a 2fw dual 3 in 1 out passive audio mixer. Unless I find a frac kit in the meantime that tickles my fancy!


Conversion was pretty straightforward… I think it might be the only minijack module without board-mounted jacks!

16FW cases look great! Glad you were able to get that Matrix Mixer!


This just popped up in my feed :drooling_face:


Yeah! Sadly I’m not gonna be able to afford the first run of these :disappointed:. A good exercise in restraint for me though! Definitely doesn’t sound like much overlap with the drm1 at all