Bugbrand Thread


I’m hyped because I’ve been using my Chirper as a beatbox at least 50% of the time :laughing:


On sale now, 3 left… I caved and credit carded it


Haha! Glad to hear you’ll get one too :smiley:
Can’t wait for it to arrive…


I also got one. Might sell my drm1 or something to fund it …


Selling the DRM1 would be a big mistake I reckon… Those will remain rarer than the DRM2 I think, and from the demo video sound quite different? I’m selling my Tetrax for this.


I’ll wait and see, but from the demos I like the 2 better and my 1 never seems to get used in my real projects… even if it’s rarer, I’ll end up keeping what I love and use more.

Or I’ll find other things to sell and keep both if i love them together :slight_smile:


If i was actually doing any music stuff rather than just video synth lately I would have jumped on this


Loving that video synth stuff on instagram though!


Make sure you try using them both together with the DDSR in the middle controlling them :nerd_face:

Funny that, I sold the chirper for that reason - was fun, but never used it for anything other than mucking about,


Missed out because of some hastily scheduled (not on my part) morning meetings… excited to hear the stuff you lucky folks make with the DRM2, and to hear some side-by-side with the DRM1.

I’ll likely get in on the next batch, though… seems like a natural pairing with the Chirper and SV.


DRM2 arrived, so i put together a system based around DRM1+X and DRM2 with a separate sequencing / modulation row. DRM2 is so much more than just a drum module, great little mono synth. lots of fun cross sequencing SEQ1 and DDSR too.


Yeah I think terming it a drum synth is perhaps not quite doing it justice, it’s definitely a ridiculously powerful monosynth that is very adept at acid sounds! Must make myself one of those diode director modules to get the most out of my pattern making capabilities before the quad divider comes out.
Have had incredible fun just driving a drm1+drm2 from the ddsr alone, using the gate outs to cv the amplitude/filter cutoffs along with triggering the envelopes is very pleasing, especially with the wavefolder on!


definitely, even as a mono synth it has a lot going, in a typical bug fashion there are some great features hiding behind the switches and routing. agreed on the wavefolder - i was getting some ridiculously awesome sounds with the resonance all the way up and applying bend and modulation to the cutoff (need to record it properly, instagram makes it sound tiny compared to what it actually sounds like).

i’m tempted to put a single row with drm1+drm2+ddsr (this was my original plan) - will probably try this at some point. or seq1 + lfo/dc mixer + drm2…


Been looking for a seq1 all year… I may have to up my trade+cash game to try prize one out of someone’s hands! Seems like a module/unit that actually more relevant now with all the releases since than it was when released!


seq1 is amazing, hope you’ll find one (and i’m sure more sequencing options are always on tom’s mind). another bug module that seems straight forward on the surface but has a lot going on, 2 gate outputs (with adjustable gate length), separate slewed output, ext/internal clock, cv-able range and direction, 2 reset inputs, individual gate outputs… a really good example of how powerful an 8 step sequencer can be. i’ve got to try using it at audio rates one of these days.


synthvoice is in stock again: https://www.bugbrand.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=24&products_id=124


So nice. So out of my budget right now :slight_smile:

If he had a DRM1X I would be all over that though.


why DRM1X specifically? it does have some things that DRM2 doesn’t but DRM2 is a better design overall.


I have a DRM2 and a DRM1 … I’d love the 1X to add to my 1 and have two great and slightly different drum voices…


ah you mean the expander itself! definitely, super useful.

@emenel have you thought of DIYing your own expander? if i’m not mistaken it’s really just inputs/outputs/switches: https://www.bugbrand.co.uk/images/large/DRM1_5block_LRG.jpg