Bugbrand Thread


this would be a powerful sequencing set up but perhaps an overkill for synthvoice with 12 CVs and 12 gates (not counting pamela). but mostly depends on what you’re looking for in sequencing, ansible alone will give you enough fun apps, but with teletype you could program your own sequencers (and it would give you extra envelopes / lfos via telexo).


I’ll just link to my Bug-controlling skiff as posted in the “pictures” thread…


Thanks @scanner_darkly (not just for the response, but your general awesomeness around here too). I had both Ansible and TT at one point (was too green for TT at the time tbh), so I think you may be right about it being overkill. However, I would like to to try sequencing what I can on the C-L devices as well and I think that TT would probably be best for that purpose, so I’ll start there.