Bugbrand Thread


this would be a powerful sequencing set up but perhaps an overkill for synthvoice with 12 CVs and 12 gates (not counting pamela). but mostly depends on what you’re looking for in sequencing, ansible alone will give you enough fun apps, but with teletype you could program your own sequencers (and it would give you extra envelopes / lfos via telexo).


I’ll just link to my Bug-controlling skiff as posted in the “pictures” thread…


Thanks @scanner_darkly (not just for the response, but your general awesomeness around here too). I had both Ansible and TT at one point (was too green for TT at the time tbh), so I think you may be right about it being overkill. However, I would like to to try sequencing what I can on the C-L devices as well and I think that TT would probably be best for that purpose, so I’ll start there.


Tom has a batch of Chirpers up on the site- I didn’t get an email, so surprise?! If Patch Point’s pre-orders are any indication, PT Delays shouldn’t be too far behind (edit: slightly updated PT Delay up now!).

Also, would using a Meng Qi DPLPG with Bugbrand stuff and a format converter be ok? I’m not 100% how line level audio going into a Eurorack module would work out and I read somewhere that Tom is donezo with vactrols.


You may find you need to amplify the line level on the way into the Euro module a bit but won’t do any harm to try without first and see what the result is.


I have 2 dplpg kits from meng qi I’m going to be building behind a bug blank panel within the next week or two. Shouldn’t be any issue - when you say line level do you mean the chirper output into the lpg? Pretty sure all Bugbrand reds do full modular level at max knob setting, the blues definitely are 10v peak to peak. But if it is only line level you’ll only “need” to boost the input if you’re mixing with other modular level signals. I used my ciat lonbarde stuff with Bugbrand for ages and the level standard differences didn’t really bother me until Tom made me a preamp to bring my c-l up to bug levels and then I noticed the difference.


Ah, I just realized my mistake- I think I’ve only sent my Synth Voice (no Chirper for me yet) audio out through its own output mixer into my Mackie, so it seemed like the audio out was a lot less hot than what I remembered Eurorack to be. So that’s why I thought Bugs might need to be amped up as Sandy suggested. Thanks for setting me straight.


I just realised you were talking about the Chirper output!
It’ll be fine (modular level) as @dermo said.


Ugh if I wasn’t so :poop: at SMD soldering I would do the same… Definitely need some Bug-format LPGs in my life…


Yeah, I would totally be into this too. Maybe a group build?


It’s a dead simple build, even the smd parts. I made the standard eurorack one before.
There’s also the stroh Optogate kit from synthcube, if they get more in stock. I actually had someone make that one for me, apparently the build guide was quite lacking! It sounds very nice though.
I’m mostly making the dplpg’s as a simple way to voltage control modulation depths on the bug modules.


As much as I love my DPLPG, I wonder if it will be best for this. I find it’s either open or closed and there is a very limited voltage range (<1V) I can send to the CV input that will produce anything in between.


Hmmm, I don’t remember the range being so low when I was using them before, either way with 4 of them behind one blank panel I’m sure I’ll find some good uses :slight_smile:


100%!!! (And 20 chars…)


Apologies if you’ve seen this elsewhere (wink, nudge, etc.). Been having massive amounts of fun with the Bugs in 2018, looking forward to building a little clockmod frame to go with these in the new year. Need to find or fashion a blank for the FX frame and mount up some LPGs and 1/4"-to-banana converters…


What lpgs do you have?
Very nice! Been wanting to pick up a 606 to pair with my bugs for ages but the prices are too high for me now. Are you syncing the bugs to the trigger outs? With the QDiv you could sync to the dinsync output with an appropriate cables
Would love to hear some recordings!


I have one of @bmoren’s Two Tone euro modules… should be easy enough to convert it to banana jacks, and it’ll only use up half of the real estate on a 1FW panel. I still like the idea of doing up some DPLPGs, though.

606 outs clock the CTL1, ping the COFilter and trigger a Boss DSD-2 for some fun glitchiness. I thought about the QDiv for clocking duties as well, need to pick one up in the new year and play around a bit.


There’s a mix of cool stuff in the Bb shop right now. :heart_eyes:


I opened preorders for the cassette compilations for contributors / bug users prior to going on general sale on bandcamp. Apologies if I’m violating a rule by posting this here
@sandy @MengQiMusic @scanner_darkly may be of interest to you, details are on the Bugs forum on muffs:


Yep, some great stuff!

That post was from back in Feb last year, since then I put together small Bug system that I’m really happy with.