Bugbrand Thread


Nice one Chris.
I’ll get my order in tomorrow.


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Yesterday afternoon I played an improv set on my small Bug system along with Oto Bam/Boum. All sounds are from the system pictured on the track. It was improvised, but I had patched some stuff up beforehand.


@scanner_darkly would love to hear how you find using the BBV module, I have a the 2bit binmux which I like for certain tasks, but I can’t imagine using a 3bit sequencer in my current workflow. Considering you have the SEQ1 I’m curious as to how useful you find it? And anyone else on here that has picked one up for that matter!
I got a pair of the new joystick / touch modules a few days ago and am loving the expressive-ness they have added to my system. Only joystick I ever used before was on a VCS3 which I had the pleasure of playing for a few hours last year. I love the cosmic / spaceship control desk nature of using a joystick to make synthesized music, makes me want to purchase a pair of goggles and an industrial fan to give the feel of hurtling through space at the same time :smiley:


if you feed it gates from quad divider you can use it as a regular 8 step sequencer if you set up dividers correctly (2/4/8 and reset them from a common gate so they’re phase aligned). having an 8 step sequencer in 2fw is pretty handy!

once you have that going you can then make it step through the sequence in a different path simply by playing with divisions and injecting additional gates. i imagine just throwing some random gates at it could be fun, say from DDSR or even 3 oscillators in LFO mode, especially if you cross patch sync and FM between them. weevil could also be fun (wish i still had one in modular format…)

or just use it as 8 voltage presets and manually select them with switches. switch A will switch between even and odd rows, switch B will switch between top half and bottom half, and switch C will switch between left half and right half.

with so many recent sequencing bits i think i’ll have to dedicate full 2 rows to just sequencing. seq1 | diode director x2 | quad divider | ddsr | binary block | lfo/mix | bugcrasher, something like that.


As my BBV is still in the postal service’s care, I’ve been messing around with a Lorre Mill Keyed Mosstone which had a similar approach to sequencing stored voltages. I have to say that you can get a lot of great variations on a sequence using it with the quad divider. Make a nice 8 step sequence as described by @scanner_darkly, then start messing with the divisions to get some variation. Turn the divisors back to starting point and reset all, to get back to the starting sequence. Just LOVELY!! Also throw in a chanels from the DDSR and you got some nice evolving patterns.
Even though this is BugB thread, I have to say that the Mosstone is a superb addition to my bugs. Use the keyboard/touchplates to send cv to my bug-system, also all kinds of cool ways to interact with track & hold, Sample & Hold, Noise source, etc.
Now, I can’t wait to have the BBV, DD and Joystick in my setup… only a few days now (I hope…)