Building teletype --- a little help?

Lest I derail the Github reorganization thread, starting a new one with a plea for help.

Are there updated instructions anywhere for building teletype? (FWIW: I’m actually most interested in the simulator so maybe I don’t even need to mess with libavr32 at all?)

Anyway, thanks in advance!

If it’s just the simulator (which doesn’t do much except parse statements)…

git clone --recursive
cd teletype/src/sim
./tt  # to run the simulator

If you want to build the firmware, you’ll need avr32-gcc & co on your path. The make in the src directory. Let me know what OS you’re on and I can help you get them set up.

We should probably put the dev instructions in the libavr32 repo and then refer everyone there for instructions on how to get started. (edit: I’ve started on this, will PR it later on)


Thanks @sam. That worked a charm. TBH I’m less interested in the firmware at the moment but that’ll come in handy down the road.