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Dat’s hash-URLs are admittedly not user-friendly; happily, dat:// is also a pattern that works, if only by fetching a flat file with a hash-URL from a standard place on an HTTP site at the same URL. Other, distributed schemes for user-friendly naming are being worked on.


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Read this article today, and although it probably applies to a few current threads, this might be a good place for it.

(a few nuggets)

If you live in an urban center in North America, the United Kingdom, or Australia, you are living in Richard Florida’s world. Fifteen years ago, he argued that an influx of what he called the “creative classes” — artists, hipsters, tech workers — were sparking economic growth in places like the Bay Area. Their tolerance, flexibility, and eccentricity dissolved the rigid structures of industrial production and replaced them with the kinds of workplaces and neighborhoods that attracted more young people and, importantly, more investment.

Geographer David Harvey has argued that the biggest shift in urban economies over the last forty years has been the move from managerialism to entrepreneurialism. City governments that once provided services for their residents in the form of welfare and infrastructure now market themselves to global pools of capital, tourists, and educated workforces.


another nugget

He argues that the creative classes have grabbed hold of many of the world’s great cities and choked them to death. As a result, the fifty largest metropolitan areas house just 7 percent of the world’s population but generate 40 percent of its growth. These “superstar” cities are becoming gated communities, their vibrancy replaced with deracinated streets full of Airbnbs and empty summer homes.



this is somewhat related. please become the architect of your own attention:


Also maybe related to attention: “You must go offline to listen to this album”?


Just doing my regular re-read of Maciej Ceglowski’s amazing lectures. This one jumped out:

"Our venture capitalists have an easy answer: let the markets do the work. We’ll try crazy ideas, most of them will fail, but those few that succeed will eventually change the world.

But there’s something very fishy about California capitalism.

Investing has become the genteel occupation of our gentry, like having a country estate used to be in England. It’s a class marker and a socially acceptable way for rich techies to pass their time. Gentlemen investors decide what ideas are worth pursuing, and the people pitching to them tailor their proposals accordingly.

The companies that come out of this are no longer pursuing profit, or even revenue. Instead, the measure of their success is valuation—how much money they’ve convinced people to tell them they’re worth.

There’s an element of fantasy to the whole enterprise that even the tech elite is starting to find unsettling.

So what kinds of ideas do California central planners think are going to change the world?

Well, right now, they want to build space rockets and make themselves immortal. I wish I was kidding."


The amount of brainpower being expended on advertising and shopping, and not being applied to health care, housing, agriculture, or medicine, is unconscionable.

He said, before taking lunch break at his Amazon job.


Guiltily read that at my desk, at my Westfield job


The companies that come out of this are no longer pursuing profit, or even revenue. Instead, the measure of their success is valuation—how much money they’ve convinced people to tell them they’re worth.

this is totally true…the system is so lame and the risk often ends up dumped onto the unsuspecting public via IPO…VCs cash out before anyone finds out the company is garbage. to share in the guilt and irony of the two posts above, it is even more frustrating when you’re the one running out of money, trying to convince people that your company is worth a lot of money :wink: (i’ve attempted to express my unease with this system in the form of a song.)

on that topic: i had to discover some molecules, invent new manufacturing processes, and build a company to scale it - but i think maybe now i can finally get around to building part of the world i want to live in (out of really rugged polymers)

(that link is not likely relevant to most people here (yet), but i swear i have a 3d-printed, parametrically-designed musical instrument coming down the pipeline for y’all, but we need to get our bigger printers into production first…)


I dunno. A lot of the really unscrupulous have moved on to less regulated pastures:

COR Alpha looks very exciting! Looking forward to hearing more about that.


Halfway through reading, but feels relevant here:

The punk rock internet – how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants


how’s everyone doing?


I’ve recognized in the last couple of months that I probably have some kind of generalized anxiety thing going on. I’ve definitely identified caffeine as a trigger for… not quite panic attacks, but physically feeling tense and stressed, as if I’m waiting for somebody to hit me, as well as excessive worry and irritability.

I’ve also identified our current political climate, and social media, as contributing to it. I’ve changed my relationship to Facebook quite a bit and it helps – it’s disabled on my phone, where I used to check it regularly at work and out at restaurants and such. I’ve unfriended people I don’t interact with and don’t share common interests anymore, unliked a lot of pages, triple-checked my privacy and security settings, disconnected Facebook from other apps and so on. I still find it somewhat useful to keep up with some people and see interesting links and so on, but I feel like it’s a bit healthier now.

So I’d say, doing better now than I was. Still hoping for a more sane and compassionate society and trying to contribute to it in small ways.


‘Cusp of a panic attack’ has been my default setting for going on 5 years now. Been making some progress lately by limiting the caffeine and NOT accompanying my morning coffee with guardian/nytimes/facebook scrolling. Also, Tai Chi.

I feel kinda weird when I am out and about in the world…have always been ultra sensitive to other people’s moods and social cues, facial expressions, etc. And it’s like all those cues and public interactions have shifted in some weird way that in my mind is connected to the rise of mobile devices and social networking. But I dunno.


It’s a tragic gift.


Bwahahah disintegration sounds about right!


Dunno how many listen to Joe Rogan from time to time, but he had Boyan Slat on yesterday (someone who i admire greatly). The discussion was about his ocean cleanup project to remove plastics from the pacific ocean.

Worthwhile listen.


Yess this +1
Or any other means to get more grounded and aware of your own body. It’s a movement (grounding I mean) against flying away in worry and negative thoughts.