BURG - two latest releases

Hi everyone,

I have been working on putting together two releases. These are recording that where made while moving from Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur to Sweden 2019/2020. I think that many of the tracks have some clear nostalgia and pieces that i have left behind mentally captured in the tracks.

The first one is a bit more dubby and minimal, focused around 8 step patterns.

The second release, is a bit more ambient with a bit more dreamy approach. This one was much closer during the move, and also was recorded partially in Sweden.

I have also released videos of all recordings, these are live sessions made in one take down on 2 track, no overdubs, what you see it what i play :slight_smile:

Video versions Eight Steps:

1: Immutable

2: Lament

3: Jeremiah

4: Nanoscale

5: Wasteful state of unconsciousness

Video versions Transitions:

1: Fontenay Escape

2: Pipe Dream

3: The Great Nothing

4: Slow Collider

5: Solace

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