Button difference between 2009 Monome 256 and newer Monomes


Sorry for asking this kind of question, but i could not find the information anywhere.

Are there any difference on the buttons on the 2009 Monome 256 and the newer Monomes? I know there are some differences with how the lighting works, but what i am interested in is if there are differences with how they feel, how responsive they are, how much latency etc.? I also read something about intensity levels, what is that?

The reason i am asking is because is because someone wrote on a danish website that he had his buttons replaced with the newest type on his 2011 monome 256, and that they now were super responsive.

much information here:



My own exprience is that it makes a huge difference for the better. Swapped out the buttons on my 2009 256 a couple of months back and it’s a day and night improvement. I’m thinking of doing the same with my 2011 64, but the cost of shipping from the states is high. For the 256 it’s definitely a no brainer though.

Thanks! I am now the happy owner of a 2011 256 with the new buttons.