Cable from DAW into Norns

Hi there,
currently i use my 2nd headphone out for transferring audio into Norns.
This seems to be a problem when i don’t want to hear that outgoing sound on my monitors.
Wouldn’t it be better to use another free line output stereo channel (let’s call it channels 3&4) for that aim, since then i can choose in my DAW (Ableton) that the audio signal of a certain track shall not go to the master but instead to channels 3&4 and therefore be feeded into Norns without that i have to hear that audio signal, where i then can choose in another Ableton track the output from Norns as an external input source, which would solve my current problem: I only want to hear on my Ableton master what’s coming back from Norns.
How do you guys solve this or can this also be retrieved with the 2nd headphone out?
Thanks a lot!

What sound card do you have ? Does it have mixing software ? I do a similar thing with my RME Babyface Pro. Their Total Mix software allows you to decide what channels (hardware and software) are in your headphone mix, so I have it set up to remove the Norns input from the headphone output and only have the Norns input come through either my monitors or the second headphone output.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6.
Ok, i will check the Focusrite app and see if i can change the settings for the 2nd headphone out in particular. Thanks so far.

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