Cables (for modular synths)

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Mutable Instruments cables aren’t smallest in any way, but they’re pretty and I like the way they feel.


throw me some bananas


So… each length a different colour? Great for grabbing the right sized cable out of the tangle. Or multiple lengths in each colour? So that you can colour code your patch.

I don’t know about the Hosas.

The Mutable ones are like that - blacks are short, greys are long, greens and pinks are medium - which is useful if only so at a glance you can see how many you’ve got left.


So far I like color coding by length. I feel the spatial arrangement of modules is how I understand signal flow. But I’m interested in hearing more about how color coding a patch might work. It’s not something I’ve given any thought to.

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Banana Inclusion is my next project name


i’m a big fan of controversial mango inclusion for sure


There are a lot of options regarding color coding your patches. I like to give each voice a separate color. Including modulation sources for that voice etc.
Another way of use is using colors for different types of voltage. Green for triggers, red for audio, blue for envelopes etc.


Nazca, Doepfer, Vermona, Make Noise, Koma attenuator… Was litterally browsing Schneiders just now.

Just get different lengths. Let me recommend Erica synths large wall mount cable hanger here too best money I spent in euro.

As @bark mentions, each voice it’s own colour, or for different signal types.

When I started with my modular I tried to colour code, but you never have enough of the right colour, and stackable cables (which are coloured by length) are very convenient.

Now that the modular and cable pile are much bigger, being able to grab the right length is very useful. I find that the stackables get used first mainly because I can find the right length easily.

I’ve been think about pre-patching bits of my modular and seeing how that changes how I interact with it. I’d probably try to do the pre-patch cables in a single colour, partly so I know which ones they are (but mainly for the aesthetics).

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I have a wide variety of cables for modular. In 3.5mm I use a mix of Ad Infinitum, Tiptop stackcables and some cheap ones I bought off ebay years ago. No real favourites among them and I probably prefer patching with bananas in general.

Colour coding. Generally by the time I’m done with a patch it’s pretty well ingrained in my head and I know where things go without having modulation/audio etc specifically coloured. Coloured cables do make it a bit quicker grabbing the length I want sometimes though which is certainly useful.


Erthenvar have a nice selection of cables, including right angle cables and IV cables, that have a jack at the midpoint of the cable


Never saw those IV cables. Smart way to get around TipTop’s stackable patent.

I’ve only ever used the Erthenvar straight cables and I quite like them. Excellent colours, good quality, and they return to shape fairly quickly after being coiled or compressed in a fully patched synth case…

I agree on the stackcables being perfect in lengths (and colors too). sometimes it feels a bit crowded when to many of those plugs side by side… but they generally feel so good, making the smoothest curves too. obviously has it’s price.

Getting rid of my stackcables. Had too many fail and they generally are quite loose and janky. IMO.


i concur. only have two stackcables and one of them is loose, always cutting out. not worth the $