Cables (for modular synths)

Oh, had no idea about those problems. they feel so sturdy! had most of mines for two years now without any issue.

the most important thing I need to keep remembering me is to not pull the cable but the plug, but that’s with any cable isn’t it…

I’m going to DIY a few 1 jack to 2/3 jack cables one of these days.

[quote=“sandy, post:14, topic:2976”]
I prefer patching with bananas in general.
[/quote]nothing compares

at all

I should rant about this on the UX thread but ever since I used bananas there has not been a single time during a session with other cables that I didn’t wish for the simplicity and functionality of banana plugs at some point


has anyone seen small Y shaped “split cables”? i think it would be nice to have something for shorter cable lengths… i love my 4" control cables <3

erthenvar IV cables let you create your own Y-splits. most reports say the IVs are pretty stiff, though.

They are pretty stiff, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing with the short ones.

Tried those IV cables - not sure I’m a fan either. At this point, a DIY passive mult box built into a pedal enclosure is where I’m gonna go.

I would say about %90 of my cables in use are stackables. The remaining portion are super long cables for connecting most distant points between the cases, OR connecting to mixer or external equipment.

I got so used to stackable functionality, that I can’t imagine working without them. I am too intersted in cross-modulation, and signals playing multiple roles/functions within a given piece…
Something about this pulls me in. A deeper sense of underlying integrity, even when it leads to seemingly chaotic outcomes. A deeply interconnected, networked flow of signals.

Stackables make this sort of exploration easy, having to use a mult every time I want to try to fork a signal would mean having to repatch every single time, AND I would need a billion mults.

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[quote=“laborcamp, post:28, topic:2976”]
I would need a billion mults.
[/quote]like me?

I need more mults or stackcables cause I like doing the same thing

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I have two of the 12" blue erthenvar IV cables. I really like them, having a mult point floating above the fray of regular cables and stackcables in a small, dense system (84HP by 7U) can be handy. Mine aren’t any stiffer than the original yellow stackcables.

That said I have two erthenvar 1/8" to 1/4" cables in white, and they are almost unusably stiff. The white cables are effectively hard plastic.

Agree with @naturestudy and @glia.
First full modular was a Serge with Pomona banana cables according to STS’s arbitrary color coding.
Never had any failure, be it contact or otherwise, with banana cables;
no noises whatsoever on live patching;
no need for multiples;
sturdy as hell (I could lift Serge panels using banana cables);
and the color coding by length is invaluable when trying to finding the right cable in the rat’s nest that’s called “cable box”.


The control patch cables look very nice, especially the “camo” colored ones. Does anyone know if you could get those in Europe? I find the $43 shipping a little too much to try out a couple of cables.

Just went looking for this thread, hoping to find this link in it, and was surprised to realize it wasn’t already here (3.5mm cable comparison):


Thonk carries the glow in the dark Control cables


I like orange

(But I need more characters)

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I love Mutable Instruments cables, agree with @jasonw22, the feeling is great.

What color my cables are is more important to me than I originally thought it would be…
I really dig neon pink and code by length. (two different manufacturers, sigh)
gray, neon pink, white and black. I am in 6U.

I eventually got a little irritated with the thickness of Mutable cables. They sometimes get a bit “in the way” more than I’d like. Just ordered some Hosa cables. (20 cables wasn’t enough anyway)

Avoid the tangle. I purchased several cable holders, the kind you mount and then slide the cables into their own slots. No more clutter or tangle.

Quick shout for Farnell mono 3.5mm cables in the UK: they’re pretty chunky compared to cables made specifically for Eurorack, but I’ve never had any problems fitting them into even the most tightly-packed socket layouts. They’re solidly constructed and insanely cheap (a pack of 10 x 0.5m works out at 70p per cable with free postage):

Only real downside is that they only come in black, which when combined with the thick cables can make patch routing a bit indecipherable, but attaching little coloured clips to each cable end minimises this:

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