Cairo Graphics

Hello there, I’m very new to the world of Monome and have recently been playing with a Shield version of Norns which is very very interesting and I’ve invested in a Grid. I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose.

I understand that the Norns graphics code is a very simplified wrapper around the Cairo graphics library. Is it possible to use this code outside of Norns? If I had a Pi with a display like could I develop prototype Norn display code without having to take my (rather valuable to me) Norns everywhere

Thanks for any help to a newb


That’s a really cool idea. (Makes me want to take it one step further and just have a little window floating on my computer screen…)

I haven’t seen anyone do this yet but it is possible. Most of the norns screen functions are abstractions of Cairo functions. So, the intrepid hacker could write a little wrapper of their own that uses the same API and the code would be portable.


@tyleretters it’s been POC’d a couple times; paging @csboling for example. there are also open issues on GH

as you say it is straightforward to have the norns stack draw to a different window or framebuffer.

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Specifically you can tell matron to use a different framebuffer device as a command line argument. My original experiments with “norns on a (linux) desktop” attempted to point this at a memory mapped file and used unix fifos for the encoder/key GPIO. This is a pretty low level approach that allows the hardware emulation stuff to be in a totally separate program, so that’s kind of nice. I did get this working as an approach to running a “complete” norns stack on a laptop without any norns hardware, but I’ve since rethought the approach. I think it makes more sense to have some abstraction inside matron that lets you draw to different screen backends, which I think is more like what you want.

I’m still interested in this and will jump back into it eventually, but since taking possession of a norns I’ve been rather distracted by scripting and playing with it. For the pathologically curious my branch with this stuff is here under “hwemu”.


Many thanks everybody for the responses. It would appear I have much to learn :slight_smile:

I’m mostly a python programmer but have been picking up Lua (pretty simple), starting to study SC (not so simple) and maybe I should get back into C again by the look of it.

So much to do and so little time! Many thanks again everyone


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