Calibrate Ansible output voltages with offset/scale?

Is there a way to calibrate Ansible’s voltage offset/scaling for each individual output?

there are various modes on the ansible, some have scaling/offset, others do not.

cycles for arc has scaling, kria for grid is note-based and have octave offsets (effectively)

let me know if you have specific questions regarding each mode

Thanks, Brian.

First off, let me say that I’m happy to be finally venturing into Monome. It’s been something I’ve wanted to explore for years, and the desire increased when I got into modular two years ago. I’m only one day into Monome-land and I can sense just how much depth there is to explore in this ecosystem. Thank you for your elegant work and design. In fact, the entire experience, all the way down to the inclusion of the rainbow panorama postcard with Arc is just so well done.

As for offset/scale, what I’m specifically referring to is on the millivolt level. For example, my outputs look like this @ 0v:

Unit A
Output 1 = 0.010v
Output 2 = 0.003v
Output 3 = 0.008v
Output 4 = 0.010v

Unit B
Output 1 = 0.003v
Output 2 = 0.006v
Output 3 = 0.001v
Output 4 = -0.003v

[EDIT: FWIW, the above measurements were taken yesterday when my system was warmed up. Now today, upon turning the system on, Unit A now reads 0.016v, 0.010v, 0.013v, 0.017v respectively. I can give a comprehensive measurement if needed.]

Ultimately, I’d want to get them all as close as possible so as to narrow the microtonal differences in tuning as I patch between VCO/sound sources. It’s not a deal-breaker to have, say a 13mV difference between outputs, but for my taste, it does require re-tuning of the oscillator, and I’d prefer to eliminate that step if possible.

Some of the outputs have very accurate scaling, but for a few of them, I would prefer to tighten it up a bit to flatten the response and keep notes a bit more in-tune as I traverse the octaves.

I don’t see any trimpots on the PCB, so I’m guessing that if there were a way to adjust each output, it would have to be done via software. My only experience with such a calibration approach is with the Ornament & Crime, and it works great resulting in some super-accurate voltage outs.

Sorry for digging this back up, but I can’t find anyone else talking about it, and it doesn’t appear in the manual. Was calibration for Ansible ever resolved?

I’ve been going through and calibrating everything I have to 3 or 4 decimals (as best each module can), and things are sounding fantastic! However, I have the same issues with my two Ansible units. Power supply, also tightly calibrated, source voltages are spot on. Some Ansible outputs are relatively accurate, but some drift as much as 0.09v, which is quite audible when jumping octaves in Kria. Perhaps that’s why I don’t use it for melody sequencing too much, although I’d like to. . . :pensive:

I’ve checked this on three different voltmeters (in rack Mordax Data, Instek bench meter, and my handheld Fluke) and they all agree on the voltages, so I’m pretty sure it’s accurate. I suspect this is related to the tolerances in components, but we should be able to compensate in firmware (as OP pointed out Ornament & Crime does this quite well). Thanks very much for any insight.

Bumping this. I have also encountered issues jumping octaves.

Is there an explanation for how cycles scaling works in 2.0? I don’t see it in the docs.

Aha, found the answer in the 1.1 thread (and a couple of other threads.) Will PR a doc change to include this.

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