Call for proposals - Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement

Deadline this Thursday! <<

AlgoMech 2017: UNMAKING

The Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement
8-12th November 2017, Sheffield UK

AlgoMech takes place in the city centre of Sheffield UK, at venues
including the Millennium Gallery and Access Space. The festival will
showcase Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement from the perspective of
the arts and arts-science, through performances, talks, hands-on
workshops, installations and a symposium. AlgoMech takes a long view,
bringing together creative approaches that bridge digital technology,
industrial mechanisms, and/or ancient crafts to celebrating human
and/or robotic movement.

The second iteration of the festival will take place between the
8-12th November 2017. We invite brief proposals for performances,
talks and workshops which address this year’s theme of Unmaking. Last
year’s festival included clog dancing, live coding, shelf-building,
mechanical techno, sonified blackwork embroidery, hacked cellos,
e-textiles, music boxes, performance art, algorithmic choreography,
mechanical drawing, hand clapping, poetry, and an algorithmic rave.

This year we would like to showcase work which addresses the unmaking
theme, either by building upon (or taking apart) last year’s
programme, or taking it in a completely different direction. We
encourage involvement from people from across artforms, genres,
background, and levels of experience.

Please submit a brief description of your work by 13th April 2017,
using the below form. This should take no longer than the time it
takes to drink a cup of tea, we will be in contact if we require
further details.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

The festival will also include an arts-research symposium on the topic
of unmaking, a call for which will follow later.


great! submitted a few projects!!! thanks for the info

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Just submitted a possible presentation talk/performance. :slight_smile:

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I also submitted… an installation.

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