Call For Submissions - re:nature #01 - symbiosis

Do you want to be part of a collective music project?
Please use this link to find detailed instructions on the participation in our upcoming compilation!

Latest date of submission: April 11th 2021

re:natura is a non-profit artist collective, music label and experimental laboratory with a clear, shared vision.

In our work we explore animals, plants, landscapes, celestial bodies and natural phenomena in the critical tradition of naturalists and sound futurists. We are driven by our personal passion for sound and science. Animate and inanimate nature serves as a source of inspiration for our publications.

As an acoustic counterpart to literary ‘nature writing’, we create sound associations, sound sculptures and atmospheres with individual sound vocabulary.

It is our goal to reflect the diversity of nature both in the diversity of our artist portfolio and in our artistic interpretations.

In doing so, we create a space for critical voices within and outside of our group, apart from eurocentric, discriminatory and performance-oriented norms.

In addition to the unity of form and shape, our publications combine the idea of ​​a cross-border amalgamation of art and science as well as humans as part of the environment and nature.

As part of a vivid vinyl culture and in addition to our thematic (online) compilations, we produce high-quality, boutique record editions with uniform biological illustrations and liner notes.


Just a friendly reminder:
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