Calm - i am calm

My new album - and my first as CALM. This record is the result of a fairly psychedelic and tumultuous year - one that might not be so different from the one you experienced! Or maybe it was. I spent 2020 in NYC - seeing my world turned upside down, my work and friendships evaporate as the city emptied, boarded up, while tens of thousands died. I had coffee and listened to daily briefings with NYC’s epidemiologists and hospitalists - while my wife, a researcher in this area, attended as a remote employee.

Right at the very beginning of this journey, I went on anti-depressants(as somebody with a near-lifelong struggle with depression). This created the paradoxical experience of being the happiest and most creative that I’ve ever been in my life, during what is objectively one of the worst times. So naturally, I made a dance record inspired by 90s New Age music, self-help, psychobabble, and mass extinction. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to do a remix - or like me to remix you, I’d love to chat.

Feedback is appreciated!


I find myself in a very similar situation w.r.t. finally getting medicated in 2020 for a decade-long issue. Thank you for sharing your story and your work!

BTW, this album is rad workout fuel! Now I just need a leopard-print unitard…