CALM - Mystic(etus) Energy

Hi folks! Here’s my latest EP. Creatively I am juggling a lot of incompatible ideas, and CALM as an identity is starting to crystallize and mature. It’s a little janky as a record and a little too bass heavy, but I’m overall very happy with it! I’d place it somewhere between New Age and Rave, hopefully in the most lighthearted way possible.

Liner Notes:

Written and produced during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020-21. This time period is, currently, considered the twilight of the pandemic, a weird period of renewal and re-association. Ghostly, empty cities and offices began to repopulate with the spring weather, and a cautious optimism has snuck into daily life.

Equipment Used (Hardware):
Access Virus Classic
Behringer RD-8, TD-3, and MS-1
Roland System 103, MS-1
Tascam 424 mkII
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Moog Little Phatty, Mother-32
E-MU Orbit 9090 v2
Yamaha TX81Z
General Electric Program Data Recorder
Eurorack (


I am loving this. I’m on my third listen through…there are some great grooves on this album. “Time Prison” is a really fun song. I really like the bass on the tracks too…maybe its my speakers…but the bass really pops and its a great song driver. excellent album!

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Thanks so much! Really happy you like it. This is my first “happy” project as a musician and it delights me that its happiness may be contagious.