Cambridge/Boston Free Improv Community?

Hey everyone!

Despite having been in Somerville for the last few years, I haven’t really connected with any kind of free improv scene here (I have been to a fair share of Non-Event shows, which are always great!). I’m not an improv whiz by any stretch (in fact the idea of participating myself is totally new), but I’d love to connect with some like-minded people here.

Anyone have any leads? Interest?


I live in Maine but am familiar with some folks down in MA, mostly Salem/Lowell. There is this show tonight . Andrea and Skot (id m theft able) are fantastic improvisers. Andrea lives in Salem and seems to put on shows there from time to time.

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Used to live in Somerville, living on the shore shore now so I’ll be curious to follow this

Another endorsement for the Boston Hassle modular shows, I’ve been to a few and they’re great.

That’s where I first saw my favorite local hardware improv band, XOOL:

Full disclosure, I’m biased, my improv hardware band has played a Hassle show too:


I think the shows at Washington St Arts center in Somerville are still happening. You might have to get on their email list to get up to date announcements.

I just checked Open Sound and doesn’t look like they’ve posted anything since last November, maybe they are just on hiatus.

I’ve heard that Morgan Evans-Weiller’s Standing Waves series is restarting soon.