Can Ansible work with a 64 grid?

Sorry if this is redundant, but I couldn’t find a clear answer searching around: I’ve got an old walnut -case 64 grid knocking around, and am looking to add a sequencer to my eurorack setup. Ansible looks terrific (no 5V needed! woohoo!), and I know the varibright 128s are the default/optimal grids nowadays, but I’m curious: If I plugged my 64 into an ansible, would it work at all? If so, what big differences would there be? (I found the other big thread sort of about this, but it was unclear if, say, you’d end up with an 8-step sequence instead of a 16, only be able to see 8 steps of a 16-step, have to use some paging setup, or what.) If not, is there such a thing as an alternative firmware that might work with a 64? Does anyone know of something in the works, officially or unofficially?

To put my needs in context: the alternative I’m considering is a pgh lifeforms micro sequence. So, I’m very happy for it to be an extremely simple sequencing app; unfortunately, my programming chops stop at MaxMSP, so it would have to already exist.

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no, it won’t work, and there isn’t an alt firmware. you can get a White Whale used and it’ll work, however.

Thanks for the super speedy reply! That clears it up for me. Was hoping to save some HP, but maybe White Whale + Switch is the way to go…

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You can also use offworld for power.

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Ah, somehow missed that! I’m in a Mantis case, so have enough 5V to handle a module alone, just not the grid. Offworld looks perfect, thanks.

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I’ve got one up for sale (there’s actually a couple of them in the trades category).

Thanks for the tip! Need to do a little more on the research front, first. (Namely: I can’t seem to find any concrete documentation of how WW would play along with the 64 monobright. Seen that video of tehn’s, which seems to show some unlit button pressing doing something, but would like to find some more concrete docs so I know what I’m getting into…)

Hi tehn, I have Grayscale 64 (from around 2010 I think)… Will this work with any of the eurorack modules? Thanks

I have an original Monome 40h that I bought way back in 2007. It’s been sitting by the wayside for a while, but I was thinking about starting a small Eurorack setup and wiring it up with Ansible.

Can anyone confirm whether Ansible will work with this older 8x8 Monome, or does it require the newer fancy 16x8 grid?

Edit: Looks like my question got merged in to another thread. I should revise my question… Will any of the past Monome Eurorack modules work with the 40h?

WW/MP/ES work with 8x8 and monobright. ansible does not. and generally even though they work, the experience is not as good given the interface really takes advantage of variable brightness to help you navigate the interface.

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I want to get my old 64 monome(8x8 grid) something to play. Is it still compatible with current hardware/software? Is it monobright and then not compatible with ansible?
Do other than monome make compatible hardware(modular) for it?