Can anyone with an MC-202 help me verify something?

I’m trying to figure out if my MC-202 has an issue and would love some help! I’ve tried other forums without much luck.

When transitioning downwards from two notes with a wide difference in frequency, there is an audible click. It’s more obvious when the envelope has a longer release which seems fair.

I know the service manual mentions a repair that’s intended to remedy what I’m describing (and it appears to be there in my machine, though maybe one or both of the caps used are bad).

Here’s a terribly unmusical example, just a two note sequence alternating between the highest C and the lowest F. I fade out the square wave and you’re just left with clickfest.

The weird thing is that in “normal” note ranges it’s often undetectable. Maybe I’m worrying about nothing, but I was planning on selling this and don’t want to sell something that isn’t right.

Anyone feel up for programming the same two note sequence in their 202 and letting me know if it acts the same?