Can I connect Teletype to ALL?

Can I connect my Teletype to one Telexi , one Telexo, an Ansible and a Just Friends at the same time?

Yes, even multiple teletype-expanders are fine. Mine is currently connected to 7 modules. Just note that you cannot address multiple ansibles or just friends at the same time (that only works for expanders).

You can have up to 4 Ansible at once. I currently have two on my bus.

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how do you adress each simultaneously?
i think it’s in the docs but i never understood it

There are button combos to set each address.

From the docs:
If using more than one Ansible connected to Teletype, the II address can be set by holding the preset key in combination with Key 1 and Key 2. There is no visual confirmation, simply hold the combination for 2 seconds. The set address is saved to flash and will persist with power cycling.

The address is set according to the following:

Address         Key 1   Key 2
0               off     off
1               on      off
2               off     on
3               on      on

Mappings for input and output are shifted for each address:

Address         Out     In
0               5-8     9-12
1               9-12    13-16
2               13-16   17-20
3               17-20   21-24

Edit: You can only have one instance of the individual apps at a time. So there can only be one Kria, or Cycles, etc.


OK, i realize it has indeed the bus cable, and also the iibackpack option … I dont have the backpack, but I have the 4 aforementioned modules to connect, so I am presuming now I could connect the Teletype bus to the Ansible, Just Friends and one of the Telex Expander and the second Telex could connect to the first one, will that work?

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for pointing it out.

That will not work. You’ll need the powered backpack to make it work. I think @bpcmusic has some available in his shop.

same topic, different module

can i connect two just friends?

I don’t think so. I haven’t seen any sort of addressing set up for JF.

Apologies if there is a better spot to ask this! I just received teletype a couple days ago, and currently have JF connected using a 2x3 ribbon cable. Could I use 2 3-pin cables instead to connect both W/ and JF to the teletype?

I am getting myself a bit confused looking through the monome pages on teletype. One page referred to a cable that was sent with teletype, but it seemed to be an older page and there was no cable enclosed.

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I haven’t tried it, but it seems like it would work. I have all of my modules connected with 3 pin cables. You might have to make sure the left side on TT goes to the left side of JF and right TT goes to right W/… but honestly I don’t even know if that makes a difference

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Hey thanks! Gonna give it a whirl and see what happens. Though, first I will need to work up the nerve to update the firmware from 2.0.1. Totally intimidated by this firmware updating business…!

Yes. That’s what I am doing. Also - you can use the spare 3pins at the JF end to then send the signal on to another i2c device, powering 3 devices from the TT without an extra i2c board!


That is fabulous. Thanks so much for the confirmation!

Curious re multiple Just Friends or W/: if they’re on the same network, will they all respond to the commands, or will only one respond?

W/ will respond to the same commands. Not sure about JF.

I’m wonderig if anyone knows the answer about JF yet. What happens with multiples JF’s connected? Can they be addressed separately? Do they both respond to all JF commands? Thank you !

they will almost certainly all respond identically

Are you aware of any way to get them to act separately ? JF1 and JF2 or something? I’m just hopeful. Thanks :slight_smile: