Can I stop the forum overriding the browsers search on ctrl-f

I just want to quickly search in the topic I have open.

That is all.

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On Mac here, but hopefully the same for you: Invoking find twice, or “Cmd+F, cmd+F” gets me past the discourse search and shows the browser’s search bar.

The browser’s search function will only get you so far though, since long threads don’t load every post at once.

does the same on windows :slight_smile:

Thanks, you’re all right - nevermind.

you can also use the forum search, click “search this topic”


weird, firefox gives me its normal search, I didn’t even know there was a shortcut for forum search (which I’d much prefer, tbf)

Edit: Keyboard shortcuts (menu between the search icon and user pic) tells me search is either / or Ctrl + Alt + F - which is probably why Cmd -F gives me browser search.

Edit 2: Cmd + Alt + F gives me search engine search, but FINALLY / gives me forum search. 30 years of using vi haven’t been totally wasted.

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I am inordinately excited to get back to my computer tonight and learn all the vim-derived keyboard shortcuts.