Can i trigger Teletype with a 9V battery?

It may sound like a weird question, but can i use a 9V battery to send quick triggers to TT ?
I’m pretty sure there is no problems but who knows…

i wanna see a picture
of this…

is it…
sarcasm ?

no not at all
sorry I am always really interested in unique idea like this

i’d actually like to see a video of how it works…

i worry about using certain things as clock for TT so I use the metro and recursive script triggering most of the time

i have done this. i wired up a momentary footswitch with a 9v battery so that i could trigger changes in TT while i was performing. it works.

Thanks !
I want to trigger scripts with a cheap infra red sensor and want to avoid the extra power supply ! Nice !

cool idea!

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this thread spurred me to try a tremolo pedal as clock

1* attempt failed, will report back later after tweaks

Tried a different idea last night which turned out far better

Pretty wild how much control I have over tempo/mul/div with various faders and pots on each channel

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If anybody’s got the time, I’d still like to see how this works

Can you elaborate on what is going on here?

aux 1 into channel 1
aux 2 into 12 (any would would work)
feed auxs to mix
mix out to teletype clock in

turn up aux on both channels to feed the loop

  • gain/ eq/ pan/ faders control rate and pattern of the clock

i have no idea if this is “good” for TT but i’ll keep doing this until something breaks

So i made my tests with a 9V Alkaline battery and teletype, with a presence sensor activating a relay.
It works.
But i have several questions :

as a test i triggered this script :
and then manually checking X value each time i cross the sensor (close the relay). Result is 0, 2, 4, etc… so there is double triggering.
I checked with triggering a RYO Penta sequencer, same thing, it skips a step. With my Pressure Points, it skips up to for steps.
What could be the cause ?

If the sensor was stuck with the relay closed (someone staying in the door’s threshold), would a long 9V exposure damage the TT ? Would the battery be empty quickly ?

Thanks !!

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it’s unlikely an electrical issue if the other inputs are creating the same issue. what’s the exact procedure you’re using to test?

9V battery. - to ground of the jack, + to the tip of the jack, with in the middle, a relay. I think might be the relay that mechanically ‘bounce’ when it closes.

i should mention as well that i have a led and a resistor in series in the circuitry.

but you said input from other modules created the same issue?

be sure the script works with a trusted input trigger first, then add the battery switch, is what i meant.

Ah ! confusion time :
i meant, i used the same circuit to trigger the PP and the RYO Penta to monitor the trigger : both were skipping steps.
The script (and my TT) is working perfectly with ‘normal’ triggers.
I am 99% sure it’s due to the bouncing relay. I might add a condenser. Or at least elude the problem within the TT.

ah yes. google “switch debouncing”

Indeed, quite famous problem. I’m totally new in electronics so i am discovering this all step by step.
Thanks !