Can we get an update announcement thread?

The Orthogonal Devices forum has a very useful locked thread that is only updated whenever a major new firmware release (or some other significant news) is posted:

By subscribing to this, firmware announcements hit my email so that I don’t have to check the forum periodically. This has the pleasant side effect of reducing my browsing time. With a few major firmware updates on the horizon (Norns, W/ 1.1, Ansible w/Earthsea, and Teletype 2.3), I think that this would be a timely “feature”.


Strongly agree. Secondly, I was thinking an update announcement would quickly get pushed down the thread and I also didn’t know which thread it would appear in (approaching, development, dust…)

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You probably want to fiddle the settings so that no one else can reply to that thread


Yes, locking the thread makes it clear that discussion happens elsewhere. Keeps the emphasis on the top post.

Does pinning help keep it visible? (I honestly can’t tell if pinning really changes the behavior for me, but maybe that’s because I read everything).

Might be nice to put betas there as well?