Can't change email nor password

I’m trying to update my email address and password but I never receive any of the required emails to proceed with the change. Not sure what could be the problem, can anybody look into it?

Thanks for mentioning this. A Junto member has had this issue recently — he’s currently locked out of his account, because the emails never show up to let him trigger the reassignment of a password.

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Just wanted to report that yesterday evening I needed to do a password reset while setting up a new laptop, and it worked for me. I got the email. I’ve had issues in the past like @papernoise and the other Junto member I mentioned. Maybe give it a go now, see if it works for you? Maybe something changed under the hood, or it was the approaching equinox?

I’ll try and let you know!

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Tried again, but still no luck.

replied via PM. there’s a couple of things i can do on the admin side if you’re still stuck.

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If it works and could apply to that other account we discussed, lemme know.

@disquiet are you using a login/pw or google auth?

Hi. I use login/pw. I’m not having any issue currently. I was just reporting on someone else.

I’m the one having the issues it seems, and I also use login/pw

Oh, there is someone else, user: pfig.

In the meantime @tehn was able to solve this problem for me. It looks like for some reason the whole email functionality was stuck for me. Manually updating the address to a new one did solve this.

Hi guys. I’ve been having a similar issue with being unable to reset my password for my account @flyingoctopus for quite some time now. I think it was registered using GitHub oauth rather than direct email. Any wisdom @disquiet @tehn?

the github oath is still broken from an upstream discourse change. i can try to re-initialize it and see if your account revives.

Had the same issue. Just checked the spam folder and there were all the Confirm Email Change messages.
Then clicked on the link in the email. But that was not opening the browser.
Then copied the link from the email and pasted it manually into the browser: success.