Cant connect to Norns

So, I’ve tried everything I know how to connect to Norns and manage the scripts and my files. My norns is succcessfully connected to Wifi becuase I was able to update to the latest firmware. The screen shows the IP adress. However, when I type in that IP adress into my we browser to access maiden, I get an error message that its not available. I try the smb server via Finder on mac, and it can’t connect, and I’ve also tried Cyberduck, and same thing, cant connect. I;ve also tried norn.local and that doesnt work either.
Tried both sleeping my norns, and reseting the norns, both havent helped. Have not yet tried the hard reset button. Any hot tips to try?

Is it possible your computer and norns are on different subnets? I have this issue frequently when I try to connect to my norns on large WiFi networks like in hotels.

I’m on my home wifi, so I don’t think so, but how would I go about finding out?

I may be mistaken but I believe you want the first three sets of up address numbers on your computer and norns to match with just the last sets being different.

One other thing you might try is to setup your norns as a hotspot and then connect to it on your Mac.


so, not sure what the problem was but heres what I did to fix it:

hit the manual reset button on the bottom of the norns ( I know its a no-no) which didnt seem to help. I then turned the wifi off on the norns, then deleted the wifi router name from the norns list memory, then re-added the same home wifi, powered down the norns, powere on, reconnected to the home wifi nerwork, and that seemed to fix it (IP address for connecting to the norns was exactly the same both before and after FWIW) weird.

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Did you switch wifi dongles by chance? I’ve had this symptom

That was going to be my next step, but did not have to go there… :slight_smile:

@zebra what replacement wifi dongle would you suggest I buy? This problem has been happening more and more frequently, and my past work arounds aren’t working. Kinda frustrating not being able to update scripts… :man_shrugging:

Don’t understand why I con’t connect via my home wifi when I punch in the IP adress thats showing up on my norns screen. If I see the IP adress on the screen I’m assuming it means that the norns is on the wifi network correct? Maybe I’m doing somehting wrong on the computer end? I just punch in the same IP adress in the web browser in the past and it has worked, but lately it has not…

am I the only one having these issues?


gah, i’m sorry to hear about the return of this issue for you :confused:

maybe a dumb q, but do you have any other devices available to check for a connection, eg. a smartphone or tablet on the same network? i’m trying to sort out of it’s your network or computer (if it’s not the wifi nub).

if not, to test the nub: if you insert it into your mac’s usb drive, are you able to use it to connect your mac to the network?

either way, this is the replacement nub that typically gets recommended.

@dan_derks thanks for the suggestions. Thats the thing that beffudles me: the network is fine. I’m using it on my home wifi network. All my laptops, cellphones, ipads, etc can connect with no problem. And the norns is able to identify the wifi network and generates an IP address. If it was a problem with the dongle I would assume that the norns wouldn’t be able to even find my wifi router name, or would fail to connect, but it finds my router name, and even other routers in the area, so it doesn’t seem like its the dongle either. It seems to me like its an issue between my Mac communicating with the norns.I tried safari and chrome, both with the same result. I rebooted my laptop 3 times and on the 3rd time it finally was able to connect to norns on chrome. Is there a reason why theres not a hard-wired option for file management for issues like these, like connect to computer via usb and plug into maiden that way?

for sure – i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to imply that the nub was the likeliest issue, i just wanted to get a complete answer posted since you had asked for recommendations for a new nub.

i guess i was just looking to see, if you weren’t able to connect any other device to it, whether the nub would respond well when attached to your mac – I’ve run into plenty of times when a network connection could be made but the connection itself was so poor that none of the other services (updates or maiden) would work. typically, when i peeked at the SIGNAL reading on the WIFI menu, this would show -68 or lower. i’m curious what yours is at, if you get a chance to look?

but, all to say…

if your stock norns is connected via WIFI but maiden inaccessible via the standard methods, there is a way to hardwire into it! apologies it hasn’t been concretely documented:

establish serial (/ wired) connection

  • connect norns to your mac via the charge cable
  • open Terminal
  • type screen /dev/tty.usb
  • press TAB to autocomplete your serial number
  • then type 115200

you’ll end up with something similar to: screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A9053JEX 115200.
press return/enter – press it again if you see a blank screen.

you’ll be asked for login credentials. these are the defaults:

  • user is we
  • password is sleep

(docs: wifi + files | monome/docs)

terminal maiden

now that you’re hard-wired in, you can run a barebones version of maiden right from the command line! i’ll use the phrase ‘execute’ to mean ‘type this phrase into terminal and then press enter/return’

  • execute maiden and you’ll see a list of commands you can feed it – we’ll first want to update the catalog, then update the projects
  • to update the catalog, execute maiden catalog update and it’ll pull in the latest changes
  • to update the scripts you have installed, execute maiden project update --all and it’ll pull in all the script updates:
  • to install a specific script, type maiden project install and then paste in the URL for the repo you want to install (same as the ;install method for web-maiden), eg. maiden project install

(docs: maiden | monome/docs)

other cool things

you can execute maiden --help to explore the other things this text-based maiden can do. each command has it’s own help, as well: eg. executing maiden project --help reveals that we can list installed projects or remove one, etc.

oh! and you can also just load the maiden repl in terminal if you want to watch a running script for errors! just execute maiden repl and you’ll get:

hopefully this helps? please let me know via if there are further complications – you definitely shouldn’t experience as much trouble as you have been, so if we can provide a replacement or further troubleshooting, we’re happy to!!


well hell yea! this is awesome. super helpful for instances like last night were I was just trying to update a single script to test something out for another user that didnt have Crow…Thanks for pointing this out. Would be helpful if someone could add this to the docs, maybe a “how to update your scripts if your norns can’t connect to the wifi/network” type of tutorial. I’ll be sure to bookmark this post. Thanks again. Though I still wish I understood why my computer is acting all glitchy. Anywho, at least theres a work around :slight_smile:

Dan, so, sadly I keep on having a tough time getting connected to maiden, through wifi. No clue whats going on. Got new wifi nubs and that doesnt seem to be it.

Tried to hard wire into norns to update a script and can’t get it to work. Connect my norns via the usb power cable to my mac book pro, and get the following error screen, as if it doesnt recognize that theres any usb device connected. I only have USB C on this macbook so I’m using a converter dongle, don’t know if that has something to do with it…

EDIT: I cant follow basic directions and hit tab. I’m an idiot

hmm – just a quick q: are you hitting TAB after entering screen /dev/tty.usb? you don’t want to execute the screen /dev/tty.usb on its own – it needs the TAB to autocomplete the serial number.

once you hit TAB, you’ll see something like screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A9053JEX. then press spacebar and enter 115200.

so in total, you’ll only execute the following command: screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A9053JEX 115200
if you aren’t getting all of that info in there, it will not execute properly

ah! saw your edit, @gnome666 ! you’re not an idiot at all! this stuff is friggin’ weird if you aren’t used to it. still perplexed by your consistent maiden connection issue, so please lmk if you find success with this method!

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SUCCESS with installing new scripts and updating old scripts with serial connection, actully smoother and faster than with web based maiden imho…amazing what one can do when they follow basic directions. :dizzy_face:

thanks for the hand holding…

still need to figure out why WIFI stinks on the norns…

rad! happy to help!

if you found this method worked better, then the wifi on your norns seems pretty good – it’s just this trouble communicating to your computer’s browsers.

  • do you have any other devices available to check for a connection to web-maiden, eg. a smartphone or tablet on the same network?
  • does clearing cache + cookies on chrome help?
  • just since we haven’t asked, what is your router config? (WPA, WEP, etc)

I have been unable to connect to my norns via Maiden for some weeks now. All other wifi functionality seems to be working, but Maiden simply will not load.

Let me know if you have any guidance! Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried using your norns’ ip address instead of “norns.local”? You can find it by pressing key 2 on the main menu page. How about clearing the browser cache on your computer? These have both worked for me in the past when dealing with similar connection issues.

Both good ideas. Sadly none of these suggestions worked for me. Ive also tried accessing Maiden on different browsers and devices with no luck.

Not the same issue but I found that my Norns will join my WiFi network just fine, and I can use norns.local and Maiden.

However, my Norns refuses to make its own hotspot :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t really matter, as I can communicate with it just fine but it makes me curious.