Can't get monome out of White Whale 'Gate Mode'

New monome and white whale came today. Monome plugged into Switch. Plenty of 5v power for modules.

Worked with them for a couple hours and all was well. I then tried to save a preset and must have done something else. Now the monome looks like it’s in ‘Gate Mode’ - dimmed top left most 4 buttons. (Granted I may be misinterpreting the exact state of the monome… )

Problem is I can’t get it out of this mode. The only change I can make is to go back into Save Mode by pressing the panel button. I’ve tried every combo of alt/meta key press I can think of. BTW: The alt button is dim, not off and key presses don’t affect it.

When I switch the “A/B” switch on Switch to move to the Meadowphysics module, it looks and reacts as it should, although I’ve yet to delve into this module.

Interesting thing is when I swapped out a 2nd white whale module I had also ordered (planning to install Orca on it), the monome booted in the same ‘Gate Mode’.

This has got me very stumped. I’m hoping it’s just my inexperience. Can anyone offer a suggestion for me?


Disregard. Brain dead newbie…