Can't two apps talk to the same prefix?

I just developed an app using one half of my monome. I made it so i can choose if i use the top or the bottom half, and be able to load two instances of the app in different tracks in ableton live. if i do so it loses focus on the previous instance.
Now i am thinking, can i at least change the prefix and use 2 prefixes, one for each app simultaneously ?
Or do i need to make a ‘satellite’ to collect presses and leds from the two instances ?

afaik u can only have the monome connected to one serialosc.maxpat at a time, so i think you’d need to make a satellite. or if u can make the app detect if another instance is loaded/connected, then u can have it send/receive the data to the connected one instead and just offset the presses/leds by 8.

Thanks. i’ve made two satellites with offsets. Works great.

@chapelierfou this is interesting to me, but I don’t totally understand. Could you post the code so I could have a poke around in it?

it’s two sequencers, each sharing one half of the 256. They need to be in different tracks in ableton so they play different instruments. They can’t have a serialosc.maxpat loaded in each, because i can’t use them at the same time.
The solution : host serialosc in a separate patch, sending presses and receiving leds from the two sequencers, with one having an offset of 8 rows.
Hope this is clear.

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OK, thanks, I’ll see if I can play around with that…

if you really need an app, pm me.

hi be very interested in using an app like this as well