Can't view deleted replies anymore?

It seems like for some reason I’ve lost the ability to see deleted replies. If I remember correctly I was able to see them in the past, I believe even past the 24 hour mark after a post had been marked for deletion. Not sure if that was mean to be that way :stuck_out_tongue:
Has this been changed recently?

Asking because I received a reply to a question I asking to which I still wanted to reply but it has been deleted :frowning_face:

I noticed this as well :slight_smile:

i don’t see anything in particular that’s been recently changed in our settings panel. as far as i can remember, posts that are marked for deletion or otherwise hidden are supposed to be unavailable to everyone by default. as far as discourse goes, we’re now on the 2.4 beta series, so it’s possible upstream has changed or removed former default settings.

it’s best to give folks the benefit of the doubt when they delete any of their replies; whether for privacy, error correction, or other reasons. you can always follow up with them via PM.


OK, thanks for checking!

And you’re right. I’ll just send a PM to ask :slight_smile:

similarly, clicking on the edits button to see history doesn’t do anything on mine (it used to). tried Safari and Chrome - nothing.

this is not correct… (i run a number of other discourse forums)
default for ’ edit history visible to public" is true - always has been, and still is in 2.4
if you search in the admin panel you’ll see its been overriden, check the logs and you can see which mod/admin turned it off.

the principle behind it bring on, is you cannot change history (*)
(bare in mind, those with email notifications will see the edit anyway, so it can get a little confusing)

that said, i’m not saying its desirable to keep view edit history on.
on one server Ive also turned it off, as it caused trouble. e.g. someone replies, then later thinks better of it… so decides to edit it to ‘tone it down a bit’, but there often is ‘someone’ who will check the edit, and respond to what was previously said in the post.

so I take it on a server by server basis, if all play fair/nicely, then i leave it turned on - as its quite useful, and i think promotes ‘responsibility’ … but if i see nastiness, then i turn it off.

(*) note: if you edit/delete within the edit window (5 mins by default?) , then these are not shown at all… they are not deemed ‘done’ till edit window elapses.

i’d forgotten that awhile back, there were some issues with anonymous polls and privacy concerns, so the setting was changed in the console. also, our post editing window is actually a little over 8 minutes; we give a slightly longer grace period.

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If somebody deletes a post, we should respect that decision.