Cascades v2.0.1

Awesome ideas. I’ve added both to the backlog!

I could see the “note length” feature work sorta like how you define lengths in meadowphysics. Definitely useful.

As for the re-triggering, for now you should be able to approach some of that with setting your samples in Live to “one shot” etc. but it would be rad to quickly set it per channel via grid/arc controls.

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Good calls. Hoping to have some time tonight or tomorrow to noodle around. Thanks again! And who knows, I might go a bit further with some of the beats and designs and get another sketch up here to share.

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I think it’s pretty clear, that it’s me that’s gotta be thankful for that wonderful device! :slight_smile:
Using it a lot again especially for HiHat patterns

Sometimes it helps to watch videos :roll_eyes::joy:, sorry, completely missed that, cos I never bother with videos, but read instead but must have missed this.

I don’t know if it is related to the size of the grid, but I cannot seem to generate a pattern (or better select one), where there is stuff on the left side of the grid. All pattern completely focus on the last 8 steps. Is that something that might be related to the grid size? IMHO no, cos the grid 256 expands below, but you never know.

I had completely missed that, thank you! :star_struck:

yep, that would be super helpful, I always forget how to set the notes especially as that field looks like a Live mouse input field. In addition to that a “click field and play note to be selected on external keyboard” would be great.

Another backlog suggestion would be to highlight the selected lane or note in the actual m4l device.
Again, thank you so much!

thanks for all the feedback!

this project is “closed” and i am not planning on adding any more features. feel free to adjust, modify, and change as you see fit!

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