Cassette-based modular music?

I also have an X28h, i managed to snag it off ebay in the UK for £25 including shipping, after I cleaned the tape parts with isopropyl and de-magged all the metal parts it actually sounds pretty good. I’ve been using it on and off to track my performances and give them a bit of a different falvour instead of going straight into my audio interface. It has 4 seperate outs so you can transfer to computer after the fact.

@boboter Didn’t realise it didn’t do a precise half/normal speed - that is annoying I guess that means it doesn’t play bought cassettes at the right speed? Haven’t actually tried this.

@dermo @boboter

Precise half speed is a pretty important feature for me. Although, I do have this problem with my microcassette recorder sometimes and I just use Serato Pitch n Time for mild corrections. Unfortunately I only have this plugin at work and these kinds of pitch corrections usually sound really bad when done in Ableton. If I found one for $25 I’d certainly buy it though!

I use cassette/4 track with modular pretty often


I have one of those at my parents’ house, keep meaning to collect it from them and add it to the set up.

What are the extra switches and knobs on it for?

i follow your instagram. love your work!

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I’ve added a wide range speed knob, individual outs for each channel, cv input, erase kill switch, and pitch ribbon for controlling tape speed w/ on/off switch

Ah, very cool. I might have to get some advice from you when I start hacking mine up then. My trick for erase killing was just to remove the erase head.

@scttcmpbll you don’t already have a guide posted for such mods, do you? I’ve been planning on doing some of the same things once I get my hands on a 4-track.

also, just chiming in to reaffirm that your work on your Instagram is brilliant, so thanks for sharing!

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Good question… @scttcmpbll I have a Marantz PMD-221 that I would love to modify. Not looking to do the tape delay mod though. Just add some CV control over the pitch. Any good documentation out there that could help? Thanks!

No documentation available, but you can contact me directly if you run into questions after diving into the mods

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Walkman driver for eurorack:


Modded walkman controlled by Field Kit


was about to suggest Hainbach as a source of inspiration as well, check out his youtube channel there’s a lot of tapey goodness in there!
His “tape technique” videos are also very interesting in these regards:

I am planning a set that uses tapes as well. Some things I have experimented in the past include various types of tape loops, a circuit-bent tape recorder with contact mics attached (I love the rattling sound that the mechanics make), etc. I’m planning to mod a tape recorder to be able to use it with the Field Kit, let’s see how that works.


really wanna get my hands on a field kit, would you recommend for making felid recordings, tape loops etc.?

I was using a 4 track and other tape players for a bit with my modular. I made some fairly rudimentary/dubby loops and would run them into a Doepfer A-119 or a Mutable Ears and then use the gate out and env follower to trigger processing/sounds in the modular itself. It was a good way to get a relational setup from the tape to the synth. The nice thing about those particular modules is adjusting the threshold for the gate, can get some cool stuff going on.

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Thank you for this suggestion!

I’m waiting for Eric at to finish his new HC-TT with recording capability so I can record from my rack onto cassette and then play that back into my ER-301 for sampled loops being sequenced via my Teletype.


I must say that the field kit to me is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s very cool, but you need to be aware about what it isn’t and what it’s missing somehow.

It sometimes feels a bit like some of its functionality is only half there and needs a modular to really work at its fullest. For example the solenoid interface is much more interesting with a sequencer, and the motor also is more interesting with some more advanced modulation. Also, it’s not as field-proof though it kinda runs on a 9V battery (with limited functionality)… but check the field kit topic here for more info.

This said, the DC interface is one way to control a tape recorder’s motor and the 4-channel contact-mic-proof mixer is great and you also get a radio, with AM! So it’s still worth it imho. Justy keep in mind that you’ll want to put it inside the modular at one point :slight_smile:

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thanks for the info- when my local store gets one in id love to give it a whirl, but they’ve been out of stock for months

I met him at Machines in Music this year and I was really exited to hear about these upgrades. Absolutely getting one as soon as they are out.


@unity2k @photofractal is it going to have a motor for playback/record as well? or still just hand operated?