Cassette releases

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Not sure if this is ok to post, but if anyone here is interested in our recent cassette release, I could send you one for the cost of postage ($1.20 usa).

email me, blungo2 AT gmail DOT com if interested, thanks!


Our bandcamp page now reflects the $1.20 price for the cassette with no additional shipping charge.



Hijacking this thread to add some more cassette release spam!

My tiny label is giving away copies of VHS Glitches sold out Halloween strangers release to celebrate the imminent release of his next tape. For fans of 80`s horror movies.

To win like our facebook page and like and share the post linked below.

wow super spam.

maybe this thread can be updated with other peoples cassette releases old or new?


A video posted by Gohan Tapes (@gohantapes) on Aug 16, 2016 at 11:03pm PDT

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New release is now up.


continuing the hijack trend:

@glia’s muqarnas is one of my favorite albums of this year – i’d love to have a new favorite tape in the collection. help get this made!


ha thanks dan

i sent it out to a few friends hoping to catch interest but success would honestly be a miracle at this point…I’m cool with that and realize that the campaign was doomed from the get go by my inexperience.

for those who are curious: this exists to establish a collaboration with you . the only thing I’m determining in advance are the dsp platforms I plan to use for the sound production + the method of printmaking

the material will definitely differ from what i would make solo (plus the release timeline is accelerated) .
something similar can be done without funding but the code and computer work would be embellishing music centered on acoustic elements instead (because that is more natural workflow for me) . i’d rather challenge myself with something newer and make this the hard way

Without funds and the collective confirmation of interest I’d likely release digital or send out to labels so I don’t have to stress about tape & art production

tell a friend or two if you want to create this with me (it would be cool if backers submit code or suggest dsp tricks to be employed!)

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And the spam continues
people doing fun stuff with electronics and modulars
they are releasing some material i have from 1996 next year

cool label


new release from STLNDRMS for fans of lofi boombap


this is phenomenal
looking up more stuff from em

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… what is this tho? how can we help?

I’ll admit to really enjoying cassettes again because I know I’m supporting musicians directly. Best of both worlds.


my first (faulty) attempt at crowdfunding…honestly, the fact that youre not sure after watching is why i failed

the idea was unclear

i had planned to buy max, buy additional riso ink, teach myself enough to make an album with just code and release prints and tapes myself


I’d uh… send you at least $15 towards this end if you directed me where

Well, if everyone else is doing the threadjack dance…

Small re-press and…ONE! COPY! LEFT!

Also: re: @shreeswifty /
Co-sign, I ordered some M.D. cassettes (Chad Munson, Jon Vaughn) recently, can’t wait for them to arrive! Solid work.

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Repress of my last tape over at Limited Interest:


threadjack whom? coming soon…


Ignoring the context here; Please let this be a dating site for people who are into noise, would sign up.