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I’ll be buying this Ian. They’re a great little tape label and all their tapes normally sell out in a few weeks.

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This one is out for a while already, a collaboration I did with Cody Yantis. We took our time and it took nearly as much time to get this released…


I’ve got a new tape coming out shortly on Naviar Records. It can be previewed / pre-ordered.

About the release;

In July 2015 my family and I moved from London to rural north Norfolk. Our house was about a mile down a lane surrounded by fields and past the lane was the small village of Stratton Strawless, with a lovely old country church. I walked there a lot that first summer, often with our baby in a pushchair and took my digital sound recorder to record the old harmonium I had noticed in the corner of the church.

Getting to know Norfolk I realised that the writer W.G Sebald was buried not too far away from Norwich and so made a trip and made a field recording at his grave at St. Andrews church, getting some lovely bird song recordings.

By the end of 2015 I decided to make it a project; to visit and document in sound recordings some of the rural churches, both inside and around the graveyards.

In early 2016 I started to plan and record inside numerous churches. At this point I was still keen just to document the sounds and resonances in these churches but started to think about how I could develop the recordings.

At this point I started listening back to my recordings and manipulating these sounds, processing the sounds, building up layers until minimal musical tones developed. Slowly the tracks took shape and over months added musical elements creating a canvass where the field recordings and more formal musical ideas merged. The sounds are an ambient / electronic style and very calming. The process of making the recordings made me realise that “mindfulness can come through sound recording - through listening rather than the breath”.

Over 2016-2018 I visited around 15 rural churches making recording in each location.

Using both contact and omni-directional microphones I’ve captured a variety of textures, from interior church surfaces such as contact recordings on pipes of organs, contact recordings on silent bells, bird song amongst grave stones, a medieval choir rehearsal during a rainstorm, chance recordings of bi-planes, some bell ringers and a recording of the Last Post on rememberance Sunday - which I then remixed.

The album features a haiku by @ikjoyce and one track features some audio manipulation by @sevenism


The latest Constellation Tatsu Winter 2019 batch is out, featuring cassettes from Curved Light, Chris Otchy, Jordan Cristoff and ROSE.

All ambient stuff, and I know Curved Light and Chris are modular heads. All ambient, but each of a slightly different flavor. Good stuff!

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Man, this is such a top record! Would love to read what scripts you used in the tracks … would make me understand better…

I have a new cassette coming out in early April on Obsolete Staircases. You can pre-order digital and/or cassette copies now (either separately or as part of their spring batch). The album was made with eurorack-modular and was mixed and mastered by @richesandwonders . For fans of generative ambient and drone.

Spring bundle:

Soundcloud stream:


this looks and sounds great, congrats. Good for me to actually listen to some music made on the hardware this forum is largely dedicated to hah

All cassettes sold out within the first day or two, but it is now available in digital format:

The Ephemeral is an album I created in 2016 with a sort of soundtrack vibe. With life changing(baby time) and needing to clean up my living space I made a code to get ride of my cassettes for 50%.

Discount code is llllllll

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Hey all! My label’s latest release has been out for a little, but there’s still some tapes left. It’s my good friend son of’s dual EP Body One / Body Two - Body One leans towards the glitch/IDM side of things, while Body Two stretches out to into more ambient and sample based explorations. The tape also includes prose by the artist on the reverse front cover of the jcard. Please enjoy!

All of our cassettes are fully printed, duped, assembled, and stamped by hand in NYC.


On the Forwind label I’m co-running, we have a new entrant in our tape series called Angry Ambient Artists. As many here are into ambient, I thought it would fit. — Presenting the somewhat more abrasive side of this genre.

"The fourth instalment of Angry Ambient Artists sees the series widen its scope with some raw rhythmic jams and horror score worthy instrumentals.

Conflux Coldwell and Tomonari Nozaki step up to cast the series wide net into a pool of tense ambience, dark drones and belting percussive numbers."

TJ Norris of Toneshift wrote a very nice, descriptive review:

Hope you like it … :slight_smile:


Since last friday the cassette release of my latest album „Nallo“ is out and can be ordered via my or the labels Bandcamp site.

Nallo is a mountain in the Kebnekaise region in Sweden. This area has been Ringhofs inspiration for his album that is now released on unvague records. Seven compositions are exposing us to a terrain of carefully arranged musical thoughts and notions. Dense layers and loose patterns of various electronic instruments are shaping the many faces of this alpine mood, giving us an idea of the gigantic and tremendous area but also offering us a safe place in a home-like shelter: Nallo is a warm exploration as well as a twilight experience of a rough region - Heckerish at times, a psychedelic storytelling that is never losing Ringhofs very own musical language.



I won’t do it the disservice of listening via phone speaker so can’t unfortunately comment on the music yet but that frosted tape shell looks beautiful.


My new album “Each Of Us Needs Such A Place” is out now on Aural Canyon. It explores experiences related to isolation, loneliness, and longing for safe spaces in which to be accepted and supported.

SoundCloud Stream:


Excited to share two brand new tape releases on Ingrown Records.

Aloes I

??? - thouechocaves (comes with 1 of 3 art booklets)


It’s a bit old now (released for Cassette Store Day 2016), but it didn’t sell (CSD is/was an absolute bust IMO). We released a cassette containing a couple of live recordings (guitar & bass dronescapes). If you’re interested, drop me a message and I can sort out a discount I expect :slight_smile:

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A compilation including a track of mine just launched today! Universal Library, the first release from Good Glass Records, features 60 minutes of music made by 13 different artists with styles ranging from noisy ambient, to spacey synth meditations, to instrumental hip hop.

Here’s my track, Phthalo Blue, which will also be on my upcoming album Dreamsill (hopefully out by the end of the month!).

And Jason Coffman made us this incredibly awesome late-night-commercial for the compilation!


@ingrown I had a chance to play with Reid (Aloes) when he came through Raleigh, it was a really fun show! I love the new record and the GGSIE tape I have he put out a few years ago.

He had mentioned you had/are(?) doing some sort of live public access tv stuff with artists on Ingrown that sounded really cool.

Anyways, cool to see something I found out about IRL show up on lines! Will take a listen to some of the other stuff you put out, thanks for sharing


And at least half of us on the comp lurk or post here. :rofl: Out yourself at will. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: