Cassette releases

Think I already mentioned this batch up above but they finally came in and I’m super happy with how they turned out so I wanted so share some pictures. Corsica Annex, MIL KDU DES, and X.Y.R.


Hello everyone : ) sharing the latest tape on Canigou Records: ‘Extant Ranges’ by MN-based artist Aros E-V, inspired by and recorded in the mountains of Northern Wales last year.

You can take a look/listen here:


Hello everyone!

I’m here to share the latest batch from Muzan Editions.

Modular maestros Ryan J Raffa and Yumi Iwaki have a gorgeous split release.

Personal fave Llyn Y Cwn brings his deep-time tectonic drone inspired by the mountainscapes of North Wales - I’m really chuffed to get to release his work!

And lastly, there is a long-distance collaboration between yours truly and Garden Magik from Ireland.
Think: textural concrète and hauntological ghosts emerging from field recordings and tape loops.

Thanks everybody!


We’re almost done for the year, but here are two more tape/digital releases out today that I am really excited to share with you all.

Francesca Heart - Ianassa Alga Miraggio (mixed and mastered by Polonius)

Ryan Wade Ruehlen - Ectoplasmic Food Offerings To The God Anubis

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Hi all! My label Good Glass Records just released a new tape by Fred Thomas (Saturday looks good to me, city center, his name is alive, a million more bands) called All Energy Must Continue Upward.

I did a funky little kind of trailer for it here

We have released music by forum members here and have a project in the works with some more!


Perhaps not your usual lines fare, but its existence is thanks to the How do I produce and self-release music on cassette? thread, so thought I would post. It’s 2 minutes of bad jokes and drums.

Tapes were via

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:smiley: great concept, right up my street. Shared it on my readership-free parody noisecore blog:


My new cassette release on Tesla Tapes, just in time for BC Friday.
All played on my Bugbrand modular stuff with a dash of concret/field recordings.
Heavy stuff, a lot of which was recorded before but mixed during lockdown - the sound of isolation from within in a concrete block.

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Check my new music project : Xilang Bvdaya, now released on cassettes and digital via Gabe Gabe Tapes (Jakarta) :

  • Dubbed on clear cassette tape. Limited to 30 copies. All tapes were made at Lokananta Solo, Indonesia.

Happy to share my new cassette!


Hey Fam!

Today is a special day for me.
I have my first physical release on Indie Label

It is a cassette and Mini Disc release of my album “Meanwhile In Meatspace”
(released digitally earlier this year)

it is limited to 20 copies on each format
To celebrate, there is also a poster print (8"x10") on sale
of the Cover artwork.

All this can be found here:

I hope you will enjoy knowing it exists!

Much Love



I love the post-it drawings you sent with your releases I bought. They are still stuck to my monitor.

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This is my 8th album, 3rd cassette. Very happy with how it turned out. :slight_smile:

My music has been getting quieter over years. Not that it was ever particularly rowdy, but the beats have been taking a back seat. The simple concept behind this release was to collect up some of my favourite quiet moments, to acknowledge there’s been a thread of ambient leaning stuff since I started making music.

These bits and pieces range from something I wrote back at the end of last century for ‘Jet Jaguar is Love’ through to the last thing I had finished at the time Cudighi approached me. There’s a few things that have never been released before, a few things that I gave a bit of a remix, and a few more that have been released but that you probably missed.


new 0PR record release today, and a restock of the scy1e by @Weird_Ear ecord which sold out in record time!

Armageddon Percussion Ensemble S/T:
Before a new age of prosperity can begin, a battle will take place.
One side will employ music, dance, laughter, joy and love as their principle weaponry. The other will employ batons, tear gas and bullets.

In many cases the battle will be internal, not just within nations, but within families and within individual’s own minds.

Drum machines, phasers, metallophones, cymbals with reference to Kraftwerk, ESG,
drum circles, bells, singing bowls and moogs!


I organized a compilation album for my record label of the local electronic/experimental scene in Louisville, KY! It’s super diverse in styles (synth-pop, punk-industrial, chiptune, ambient, etc), which I think shows off the variety of talent in my city. It’s called Mt. Meteor, Vol. 2 and it’s up on Bandcamp for digital AND cassette : ) free to listen to as well, but hope you can enjoy and maybe consider supporting!

Here’s some pics of the tapes:


For sure!! It was great working with them and I was soooo excited to when they agreed to be a part of it!

New release is coming but here is the old one


Physical copies of Metropolith, tastefully arranged. Available here:

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I used to have that deck! I made so many tapes on it during my teenage years. Funny how the sight of a meter can be so evocative.

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