Cassette releases

oh nice! I love a good esoteric-centric synth release :star_struck: looking forward to receiving.

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one tape and 20 characters left.

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Don’t remember if I posted this already, but here is my most recent - some cassette field recordings and sine waves, on Soft Error.

Soon I’ll be releasing a tape of vaguely similar material - stasis studies of sine waves and filtered noise on @Net’s tvei label.


Sold out on physical copies. Thanks for the support @dermo @lijnenspel @philmaguire !


happy to! really nice work.

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Announcing Monosphere, a C30 of lowercase computer music by Phil Maguire. Now pre-ordering on my label TVEI. Releasing on 2nd April. Orange and grey cassette options, just 10 copies of each!


Incredibly happy and honored to release the debut album of forum member/lurker @CrookedWalking on my label Seil Records. I believe all things monome were use in making this beautiful album. ‘As it moves in dark’ is out now. Woo Hoo!

As always, downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks. Cassettes can be pre-ordered now and will start shipping end of March. Hope you enjoy it.


Love this artwork! 20characters

Thank you. I’m very happy with it as well. Fits the album quite nicely.

looks and sounds fantastic – ordered.

@boboter @CrookedWalking

Ordered the digital. It sounds awesome. Thank you!

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@peanut @David_Rothbaum thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
20 characters!

The label that was going to release my album folded (or something, not sure on the details), so I decided to get some tapes duplicated myself and do my first physical release of 12 tapes.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

It’s available here:

if anyone is interested. A sort of Earth meets Basinski on a cold desert night.


Very happy with my latest coming out on a little Virginia, US tape label. Other side of the planet from New Zealand, which is part of the fun.

First track is a bit Boards of Canada-y / downtempo-ish but if that’s not your thing it soon heads into gentle polymetric stuff and so on. My weapon of choice is Audiomulch, which I guess you can call a soft modular.

Tape is here but the player to listen to stuff is over here on the digital page:


Put this out in October. Made entire on a Kilpatrick Phenol. The tapes are sold out but you can stream it. I’m trying to get the label to run a few more tapes since there is some covers left.


this is so good, thanks for sharing

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

While @philmaguire is the topic of conversation, his cassette on my label (announced a little way above) releases today and can now be streamed in full. I’ve got five cassettes left, (one orange, four grey). Available here:


Just released my debut album, bucles, through 77 Rise records. It’s mastered by Odd Nosdam. I am so happy about all of this coming together seeing as how 77 rise released some of my fav artists in the experimental / instrumental / beat hip-hop field (Asonic Garcia, kubes , Edison ) and odd nosdam is one of my all time biggest influences.

This album is inspired beat tape stuff, new age, spiritual jazz and krautrock. The entire record is made out of hundreds of vinyl samples I dug up through the years. I used a monome a lot, along with an sp 303, samplr, and Aalto. Also used a little reel to reel tape delay here and there and some cassette loops for tape saturation/ distortion.

Also, the song “bucle for lines” is dedicated to this very community. Thank you for all the inspiration.