Cassette releases


Doing a tiny run of “Birches Sessions, Vol. 3” tape, got TDK SA tape for this one… :heart_eyes:
Help yourself to the bandcamp if it’s up your alley! You can call it moon music(k). :full_moon_with_face:


After 4 CDs I have gone all cassette with my next release, on the TDO (The Dark Outside Label)
The Dark Outside is a 24 hour radio broadcast / festival in a forest in Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway) each September - not in 2018 though. It now also releases cassettes and did a Pye Corner AUdio one recently.

There is also an art festival called Sanctuary Lab on site with lots of interesting things. I was there in 2017 and made field recordings all around the place - catching bits of the FM broadcast against a wall of rain and other sounds.
I spent 6 months using these source samples to make tracks. I wanted the music to be like no other genre hence the title ‘Between Fields’. This is a cassette only release and no digital form will be available.
The link should be updated tomorrow so that people can actually buy the product…


Here is what they look like x


Hi all! A label I help run, Ten Tremors, has just put out our first release, Test Cassette 01! It’s a collaboration between myself and a handful of my musical buds. The tape includes poetry and a small color print from a few local artist friends as well. I hope you enjoy it!


My artist copies of my album FINALLY made it down here in Australia after waiting a good 6 weeks for the Canadian post! (Though I think I actually gave my wrong postcode haha :confused: )

Looking so good, and feels so nice to have my music on an analog physical format.

If you’re interested in getting a copy follow the link below, also available bundled with tapes from Meng Qi and Prms.


Received the tape yesterday, listening right now. What a great release!


After less than a week on sale, the lable have told me that there are only 9 copies left…

The only digital thing you can here is this 5 minute teaser


Looking forward to mine arriving soon!


Very pleased to announce the next 3 tapes from my label are now available! It’s been a long uphill struggle to get to this point and we’re delighted with the results! (apologies in advance for a lengthy post)

First up we have a compilation of rhythmic electronics, ranging from ambient dream tones to acid bangers. Featuring our very own @MengQiMusic, Hainbach, 0PR mainstay ET and many more. A testament to the tabletop modular aesthetic with artists using Ciat Lonbarde, Lorre Mill, Bugbrand, Metasonix, Moog and Meng Qi devices (among others) to create their music.

Secondly we have an exercise in low fidelity with CC’s imagined sci-fi soundtrack. All tracks were improvised across various locations using battery powered synths, drum machines and fx recorded direct to stereo microcassette. The album centres around the Ciat Lonbarde Tetrax, often used less conventionally via external sequencing from a Meng QI Voltage memory, with each of it’s four oscillators processed through seperate fx chains.

Last, but not least, we have the sister part to our first release - an album of drum machine work outs and Moog melodies from ET. A master of the beatstep pro, ET twists and molds his carefully selected analog drum voices into mind boggling infectious grooves - heavily influenced by harmolodic technique and philosophy.

All 3 tapes have full face onbody printing and double sided J card supplied in a cream library case.
Apologies again for the long post - trying to contain excitement!


The latest F/H/T-C trio jam is now up on my bandcamp page.

And tapes are still available from Never Anything


lovely stuff–reminds me of Fenn o’berg


my good friend Ray (aka Gemtone + The Golden of Hours) and I just released a split entitled “Datura” on my little imprint label thing Moreau! for fans of quiet guitars and vocals and flying saucer attack, probably. the second track on my side, “it all comes screaming back”, features lots of tapes and eurorack. it feels good to release music again.

physical tapes w/ recycled norelco cases and home dubbed cassettes available here.


haven’t checked this thread or posted in a while but damn so many amazing looking releases have come out.


If you slept on the first (or second) release of Water Memory (like me) there is now a third cassette edition in lavender.

edit: sorry, I do not have a pretty photo of the tape (but I will!)


Some friends’ highly recommended cassette label:


Pre-orders are up for the first volume of the Modular Synth comp/soundtrack series.


Hello! The latest batch from the label I co-curate and do art/layout duties for is now ready for your zoning pleasure.

MEDS012 German Army “Mangas Coloradas”
MEDS013 Anthéne “Reflections in Dust”
MEDS014 Amulets “Future Fog”

Really happy with how this set turned out!


ordered the shit out of these.


Cheers! 20 characters of Thanks!


My label Cudighi Records has two new releases you guys might be interested in! First, we have a tape from Tokyo’s Yuto Ohashi, which is a nice mix of ambient, glitch, electroacoustic, and art pop. Next, we just released Ratkiller’s new double album “Unapologetea/Forged Panoply” today - it’s two really funky sound collages with a bit of ambience, synth, and humor thrown in. Lemme know what you think!