Cassette releases


I’m super thrilled to release Paperbark’s new album ‘Last Night’ on my label. He has such an amazing and unique sound.

The album was composed using a Buchla 200, Verbos eurorack system, cocoquantus and plumbutter. The Octatrack provided the glue.

Downloads are free for the first two weeks and cassettes will start shipping early October.


:notes: 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 1

music for highly sensitive people with autonomous sensory meridian response volume one releasing on tape very early in october from ingrown records. pre-order just opened and looks like all ready to listen to.


hey everyone, just wanted to share a project I’ve been working on for quite a while now:
A Stroke of Blue my first album, released today at with pre-order available for a small run of cassettes for those interested, shipping a little later this month.

its a mix of very rhythmic and very non-rhythmic tracks, with an emphasis on piano, Juno-6, and tape.
modular used here and there.

much love to any and all support, and to this amazing community for providing constant inspiration.


(artwork by Salman Khoshroo)


Congrats on the release, @n-So! Looking forward to diving into this.


Listening to this right now. Stunned by how beautiful it is. Very happy you’ve shared a full album. Congrats! :slight_smile: Oh, Anson is my favorite so far.


been loving your recent insta posts so i grabbed a cassette! keep it up


beautiful front to back! congrats. i love the transitions between the Blue movements, and going from those crystal-clear recordings to tape loops in the next track is wonderful. here’s hoping you take this show on the road!


Absolutely beautiful. Excited to receive the cassette!


Sitting at my desk, watching the storm outside with A Stroke of Blue washing over me and it’s just perfect.


@n-So fantastic :slightly_smiling_face:
nice work


Got the cassette too, really good work!


This is probably my favorite thread. Found so many good cassettes here. Thanks for all the sounds, fam.


Great thread!!! While I haven’t had a tape player for a while, I still love to buy them on Bandcamp to get a physical release with “character” that doesn’t take much space on the shelf.

I recently released my first cassette on Strategic Tape Reserve, who have a catalogue of really funny, wild stuff and great written content around them.

The Twitter feed is always good for a smile:

… and there’s a bunch more written content on the website:

But this thread is about music! So here’s the Bandcamp link:

… and this is my little mini-album of experimental chiptune music, called “Super Dolomiti Crunch”:

Here are some download codes:

I created the music on the iPad while on vacation in the Dolomites, with a great view from the hotel room’s balcony :slight_smile:

This was also the vacation when I realized that I didn’t need to bring my OP-1 anymore … I loved it, but the iPad had become so powerful and efficient with all the apps that I didn’t use the OP-1 anymore, which had been my travel synth before.


I just released my new album called Eistla. I was thinking a lot about loneliness and solitude this year, how different and similar they can be. Have been feeling both this year, this album is sort of working through those emotions, processing them into music. Made mostly with the Novation Peak, modular, and tape, mastered by the great Nathan Moody (

Artwork by Lindsay Albert (

There’s a handful of cassettes left up for pre-order that will be shipping in 2 weeks or so, if that’s your jam.

Here are some download codes if you wish to try it out. Should be up on most streaming networks too.


Instabuy! Thanks so much. Listening in the lab at work and no one is around.


Really happy to finally share what I’ve been working on for the past several months. Preview and preorder are available now for my new album, ‘Found’. Limited edition of 50 tapes and digital download. Releases this Friday.

Mastering by Taylor Deupree, who really brought out some of the hidden details and did a tremendous job. Design by my talented wife, Rosalie.

Recorded May-July 2018 and created with guitar, delay pedal, and modular synthesizer. For you lines members who are interested, the primary voices on this album are 2 Mangroves and 2 guitar loops. It explores a process of creating loops, then reprocessing them.

Hope you all enjoy. :slight_smile:


this is has been on loop for the last few days now.

it’s so fucking good.


that first track is great, so many pleasing sounds…looking forward to the rest!


this is so good…


just listened to the first track of this but intrigued to listen to more. you should check out this album if you haven’t already