Cassette releases


I’m super thrilled to release Paperbark’s new album ‘Last Night’ on my label. He has such an amazing and unique sound.

The album was composed using a Buchla 200, Verbos eurorack system, cocoquantus and plumbutter. The Octatrack provided the glue.

Downloads are free for the first two weeks and cassettes will start shipping early October.


:notes: 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 1

music for highly sensitive people with autonomous sensory meridian response volume one releasing on tape very early in october from ingrown records. pre-order just opened and looks like all ready to listen to.


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This is probably my favorite thread. Found so many good cassettes here. Thanks for all the sounds, fam.


Great thread!!! While I haven’t had a tape player for a while, I still love to buy them on Bandcamp to get a physical release with “character” that doesn’t take much space on the shelf.

I recently released my first cassette on Strategic Tape Reserve, who have a catalogue of really funny, wild stuff and great written content around them.

The Twitter feed is always good for a smile:

… and there’s a bunch more written content on the website:

But this thread is about music! So here’s the Bandcamp link:

… and this is my little mini-album of experimental chiptune music, called “Super Dolomiti Crunch”:

Here are some download codes:

I created the music on the iPad while on vacation in the Dolomites, with a great view from the hotel room’s balcony :slight_smile:

This was also the vacation when I realized that I didn’t need to bring my OP-1 anymore … I loved it, but the iPad had become so powerful and efficient with all the apps that I didn’t use the OP-1 anymore, which had been my travel synth before.


I just released my new album called Eistla. I was thinking a lot about loneliness and solitude this year, how different and similar they can be. Have been feeling both this year, this album is sort of working through those emotions, processing them into music. Made mostly with the Novation Peak, modular, and tape, mastered by the great Nathan Moody (

Artwork by Lindsay Albert (

There’s a handful of cassettes left up for pre-order that will be shipping in 2 weeks or so, if that’s your jam.

Here are some download codes if you wish to try it out. Should be up on most streaming networks too.


Instabuy! Thanks so much. Listening in the lab at work and no one is around.


Reduced to clear, noiserock/doom/harsh noise jamz now £3 :slight_smile:


I’m very new to this scene, is there any particular reason why cassettes are such a popular format for physical releases?

Should I be scouting for a cassette player at my local thrift shop?


It’s a good question but I would say it’s because they feel a little more special and appealing of a physical item than a CD, and there’s a resurgence in interest I think to own physical tangible items both as a fan experience and as a way to support a small artist who is undoubtedly getting pennies from streaming revenue. they are also cheap for artists to produce without a label, versus something like vinyl which is crazy expensive to do on your own.

and lastly, a lot of this community is ambient music which lends itself well to tape both sonically and aesthetically.


gotta emphasize cheap to produce. so it puts it in range for tiny runs which is the usual. they aren’t perfect but if you are like me, you grew up listening to them on your walkman while riding the bus to school. ticks a lot of boxes and frankly often sound really great. there’s no surprise or newness in the idea of tape fascination or emulation in production either so that is coupled in there somewhere i think.


Last month I self-released my second album on cassette. It is another collection loosely centered around “compositional form” (this time long-form drones all across the frequency spectrum) from what’s become a sort of catalog of personal audio journal entries.

I look at these two records as sort of companions both created with a similar collection and mindset. The first, arps, being more exploratory, whereas this record, drones, is more consistent in approach. They are somewhat bookends (though I feel a little weird writing that, becuase I’m not sure what’s coming next).

My friend kaanchee helped out with art and layout and the cassettes were dubbed, printed and packaged through Cryptic Carousel. This time, I had the cassette mastered by Jake Reid at The Ice Station.

The album is streaming and cassettes are available on bandcamp (below) if anyone is interested!


I just put up the cassette pre-sale for my latest album:

Self-released, limited to 50 copies, and shipping in about a month.

I’ve mentioned this in a couple other threads here, but this was recorded over the summer in Vermont at a two-week residency that I was very fortunate to attend. I composed and recorded a song day (minus weekends), with no overdubs (except track 11 for a little kaossilator solo).

It was great practice in listening, building, not being too precious, and following the sound. I’m really quite proud of what came out of it, both as an album, but also from what I learned in the process. This was my first real experience with modular synthesis, so I was flying pretty blind. I like to think that helped me in some ways though, being able to keep a true beginner’s mind. I don’t know what isn’t possible yet, and I approached each day with a very open mind. It was a good reminder to approach the other instruments that I’ve played basically my whole life with that same grace and play.


Here’s my latest cassette release:

Created during my stay on the Hawaiian islands, using only locally sampled sounds: ambiences, ukuleles, nose flutes, vibraphones, pots, pans and more! Arranged and partly processed into granular waveforms in Korg Gadget on the iPad.

Cassettes come wrapped in a custom Burlap O-card with a big slice of Aloha!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Here are two promo codes:
Redeem here:


the pre-order just dropped for my new tape on onmyodo cassette:

art as always by od niwr (who is the nicest human alive)

the video for the single:

there are saved by the bell moments, a few deathly encounters packed within piano-lesson memories in an electro-acoustic/electronic instrumental soft funk through-composed style as is usual from this creator aka magicfromspace.

thank you so much for listening! this community hugely influences my thought and thoughtfulness. a reminder of love in what can often feel like tuff times.


Newest tape from Yves Malone out now on Ingrown Records. This is his sophomore release under the Manville Heights moniker. Pro-dubbed, pro-stickered, and in glorious and most beautiful chrome.

Manville Heights - The Future Was Yesterday (Ingrown Records)


Hey guys,

We are Malleable and we have just today put out a tape release on Claptrap, based on our most recent hardware liveset.

Most of the synth is an old proteus 2000 and an MB33, whilst the beats are sequenced off a tr-8 and an elektron, with some fx units too and Claptrap is our friend’s project that focuses on off kilter dance music.

There is also gonna be a super limited edition photo book/case with more of the original artwork which we are super excited about - That is available if you email!

We hope you enjoy it, and if you’re in London look out for us in the new year - we are gonna be doing a series of live shows with our new homemade raspberry-pi based sequencers for the first time.



For those interested, my new album was released today on cassette and digital by Neologist Productions. The songs were created with eurorack modular, Buchla Music Easel, and various pedals and post processing.

It’s called “(Somewhat) Dark” and deals with feelings related to confusion, dread, and uncertainty. The music featured on the album is my darkest and most abstract to date. Fellow lines member @caelmore is featured on the opening track (“Properly Confused”).

100% of the digital sales will be donated to Onward Neighborhood House in Chicago.

I’ll include the link below if you would like to check it out.


My album Weta & Weta was released today on English microlabel Rusted Tone Recordings.
The album spans several different styles, but I tried to adhere to a few basic ideas throughout:

  • layering as few simultaneous voices as possible (I’d say most tracks are two to five layers at a given moment);
  • an emphasis on my modular setup as the main instrument (otherwise, it’s mostly max4live);
  • recording material to cassette tape prior to editing;
  • avoiding overly serious posturing - trying out a few absurd ideas (though some of it is a bit dramatic)

I’d recommend it if you like choral / organ samples, granulation, field recordings and very rubbery modular patches.

Mastered by Dino Spilutini. My friend B.Quinn did the weta illustration.

Edit - in case anybody is wondering, the modules doing the heavy lifting on this album are:

  • Reflex LiveLoop
  • g0
  • Two Princess
  • Tropical Noise
  • Pitchshaper
  • Rampage
  • 329 Phase/Flange


Thanks for the tip. I just bought Dream of the Sleeping Stones from them.