Cassette releases


This sounds really good; nabbed a tape + looking forward.


Hey guys just wanted to share my recent tape release! My friend described it as reimagined earthbound cave music… which I think is oddly fitting.

Hope you guys enjoy a listen!


Just finished this album made entirely from Ciat Lonbarde instruments. All songs made while doing an artist’s residency at the Sou’wester Lodge in Long Beach, Washington this summer. It was super fun just bringing up wooden toys and keeping things super simple.

Anyways, here it is!

And my setup at the cabin:


I’m sorry I spammed y’all earlier. Wasn’t my intention. :pray:


Nice, I’ll have to peep it when I bump into Dustin when he has his wares :slight_smile: Welcome to the OS crew!


So many beautiful and inspiring cassette releases here. Here’s my latest, which I only have a few copies left of.


Ah, this thread is fantastic! I’m on my phone right now and am itching to get back to a decent set of speakers so I can listen to all this new (to me) music!

@kin.sventa I actually happened upon your stuff already. “Mastered by Odd Nosdam” is such a guaranteed way to get my attention and it’s great to make your acquaintance here. Also 77 Rise are friends with the tape label I release material via - I Had An Accident which operates out of Spokane, WA. It’s home to so many of my favourite producers: Tenshun, Psychopop, Son of a Bricklayer, Heavy Twelves, Sinking Swimmer, John Pain, Black Monologs, Bongchops, Mhaze and so on.


I just got put up on I had an accident! The homie audiosirus just put out an insanely dope tape through them. Sounds like big juss meets madlib. Gonna check out your stuff


“Big Juss meets Madlib”?

I’m all over this!!


Hot. Copped a tape. I’ll be in Spokane over X-mas and will look out for shows. Holler if you know of anything rad going down!


Great stuff in this thread.

Album of mine from earlier this year on the ever fantastic Patient Sounds.


Not big on promoting, but in the interest of maybe selling copies of my tapes that my buddy put money into, my two tapes on Obsolete Staircases made the list. @MengQiMusic 's tape on OS is also here.


Also saw @mdg on the tabs out list. :+1::+1::+1:


oh dang!! < 3 < 3 (and 20 characters)


Hi guys, here’s my casette release. All songs directly recorded from my eurorack system with additional reverb, that all.


Nice! Was chuffed to see a few Muzan releases on the list as well!



Here’s my first release. Pretty excited about it…


Well that was an easy decision. Snapped up a copy of the tape, thanks for sharing this!


Thanks for your support Bob! I hope it finds you well and you like it!