Cassette releases


really enjoying this!


Hey Everybody! Here is my band ØCOASTensemble. I like think of it as Modular Synth jazz from the heart. I hope you enjoy it.


The cassete release of my Signal Mountain ambient collab project, “Familiar Trails” is up for pre-order Check it out!


My new tape “Oh No!” is now available via Endangered Species Tapes.

The album was created with random field recordings, OP-1, Buchla Music Easel, Eurorack Modular, and effects pedals. With this record I was aiming to create something that was both absurd/funny and serious at the same time. For fans of The Books, sound collage, and general synth weirdness.

Part of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council:


getting good and lost inside We Saw Some Turtles (part 2) …this stuff is fantastic. Playful and uncontrived-feeling. It’s great work (!)


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the songs. :pray::blush:


I released this in December. Ambient Serge Modular/Ciat Lonbarde/Digitone pieces centered around exploring textures. It was recorded throughout the Summer of 2018 but definitely more fitting right now. Cassettes come with Risograph printed J-Cards, printed at Good Press in Glasgow.




Great thread - lots of tape releases to explore!! Here’s two cassette releases I’ve done over the last two years.
Most recent is this industrial ambient drone album made solely on a Lyra-8:
The artwork came from the accompanying video below where each tape has a unique sleeve taken from the film.

And the other release under my previous alias:


New tape of twitchy improv from me and the gang out in March on Astral Spirits:


We have 2 new tapes out on 0PR this week, BugBrand Blue and BugBrand Red. 60mins of music per tape from the BugBrand users community - all sound sources are from BugBrand modular and standalone devices. The music spans from quiet ambient to drone, noisescape, techno and idm! It’s been a real pleasure to put these out with the blessing of Tom Bugs. Downloads are, as always, free from the bandcamp site.


Charming Hades is an excellent album, can’t recommend the tape more! It’s been in my Walkman for months.


Thanks for the support :pray: :+1:
Hopefully going to listen to the Bug compilation today!


Pre-order for digital and tape happening now for Gianni Andreatta’s new release Headlands on Proun Press! Single and Super 8mm film by Nolan Barry also out now!


immediately ordered maps to hands - gorgeous looking cassette, I can’t wait!!


Sounds great! I expected some electronics, nice to hear some subtle free improv :slight_smile:


I have a tape coming out next month with The Dark Outside, which has modular synth and tin whistle (with live processing by the modular) and is a sort of mix of drone, ambient, and folk melody. It’s as odd as that sounds :slight_smile:

But in case you are after something before then, there are still copies of my 2018 album with Naviar Records available - Selene, six modular synth pieces on the theme of the moon and our relationship with her, how she is at times a great listener, a provider of light and comfort, and yet is also cold and indifferent to our struggles. It straddles the boundaries of the sleep cycle, sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis, and the impact that night has on the way we feel and create.


Word Salad - Vintervågor

My first (and only?) all eurorack release. One take, no overdubs. Out today.
Happy accidents.

Written and recorded by me.
Mastered by Simon Stålhamre.
Artwork by Jeremy Tribby.
Released by Pillowscars.

60 copies were made. Pm me you’re interested in buying one | 5£ | 6€ | 7$ |

Side A

  1. River Bending
  2. Just Swamps
  3. Patterns of Sleep

Side B

  1. Highway Bending
  2. (How to) Work
  3. Crystal Canyons
  4. Vintervågor


new thing today == editions

all include a work on paper that combines digital and hand-made processes and a longform score on a hand-dubbed recycled cassette

the cost is pay-what-you-want + shipping

order here -->


Last week I released Nornstape, a cassette of music made exclusively using Norns:

If you’ve contributed any of the scripts currently available for Norns, I’d be honored to send you a copy.

Many thanks to all of the efforts behind this wonderful device!


That was the fastest tape I’ve ever purchased. Well done.