Cassette releases


it kinda might be :o


The ultimate threadjack!

But back to cassette releases - just ordered the “regular” edition of this:

My darling wife asked me where all the cassettes on my desk were coming from - I said “I’ve had some of them for years and others for weeks.” Not sure that was a good answer.


I snatched the last one. Looking forward to it!


SWEET! Thanks a lot, hope you like it!



Why are all the cassettes I want always sold out! I guess I’m too slow…
Anyway, some great listens here! Glad this thread exists!


Good to get introduced to other people’s music on here. Definitely found some really interesting work this way.

I have my discography up on the Knækkede Stemmer bandcamp.
Not listing the cassettes for sale through them, but if anyone’s interested I still have copies of a few of them.
Electro-acoustic tape music and such.

Also an older project here.
Some new cassettes out with an old completely synthesizer-based project, Antonin Pagaille, as well, where Tom from Throne Heap just posted a sample of the upcoming one on his label here.


Pulled the trigger on Dinzu Artefacts this morning. When Joe emailed me earlier today there was one (1) set of the Entire Dinzu Discography left.


I’ve just released a new tape on local Sydney label Chemical Imbalance:

All tracks were recorded in a single take using modular and octatrack. Teletype is used to generate patterns and timbres.


Hi everybody!

I’m really excited to let you all know that my new album is out today. You can get a download or cassette+download at the link below.

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement from the community as I put this together. And a big thanks to @Simeon for the excellent mastering.

For the gear inclined, this album includes heavy use of Monome modules for sequencing :slight_smile:

Latest tracks + videos

I loved working on this, mate!

Such a great release.

Get on it, peeps!


Sexy bedroom pop created by my lovely girlfriend and I now available in pretty pink cassette form


Well, since all the cool kids are threadjacking…

No case but a bag with large art. :volcano:

Rest of the label has some very nice stuff too.

Link seems to be dead. :thinking:


We launched our Vancouver-based experimental music tape label, NEWBODYALLIANCE, about a month ago. Currently we have three releases by three very different artists (including myself, on NBA003).

Check it out:


one shouldn’t announce things before they’re ready, life has a way of changing your priorities sometimes :X


Cassette release, you say? Why yes:


Here is my latest (forgive the cross posting between this and the bandcamp thread):


bit late as it sold out on the first day but recently put out Hainbachs latest album on Gohan Tapes.
We may do some t shirts too


The same label of Interlaken’s recent Versaux, now released this:

It’s of course in the same camp, sound-wise, heavily modular-made with a shimmering and fluctuating feeling to it. Quite like it!


The cassette (and download) of the community compilation 99 Percent Invisible Vol 1 is now out!

I have the pleasure to release the cassette on my small label, and it’s up for pre-order.

Big thanks to @Vagg_Rdu for involving our community in this project, and to @Simeon for the mastering. And a huge thanks to all the members that submitted music to make this happen.


I’d released four solo albums and eleven EPs over the last eighteen years, but this is my first cassette. Poppy end of ambient electronics or something.