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Recent cassette release on my own quiet music imprint:

And some foggy cassette experiments with handmade packaging:


Hello there everyone! Long time, no see.
I’m excited to announce that I have a new tape out on Germany’s **Midnight Circles**label.
Built from handmade cassette tape loops, field recordings, synths, bells, stones, bowls and pedals, the title track is dedicated with gratitude to the memory of Mark Fisher aka k-punk.

Handmade xerox-cover on heavy silver paper and handstamped liner notes. Don’t worry, you can also download it if you don’t have a tape player!

Also: look for a shout out to @disquiet and in the Thanks List. Grateful for you folks and for the inspiration! :blush::love_you_gesture:


‘Container’ by Austin duo Worms & Bugs is out now on tape via Seil Records. It’s a wonderful blend of sexy midi grooves, soulful synth lines and nostalgic chiptune sounds.

The whole album is super charming and quirky. And I think chances are high that you start smiling while listening to it :slight_smile:


Matthias Puech just released a new album, this time on cassette.


A couple new ones from me (and pals) on Dinzu Artefacts and Archive Officielle


Hello everyone.
This project has been on the boiler for a while now but last week, Muzan Editions - a cassette label run by me, Josh aka @endurance and our pal Andreas went live. We dropped our first batch starring Andreas Brandal, Hegira Moya and Florian von Ameln - and we are happy-and humbled- to announce that it sold fast!

We are aiming for a late fall/early winter release of our next batch of three. The batch after that looks like it’s booked, so hold tight if you want to send any demos. We are interested, but can’t make a formal call for submissions just yet!


Scy1e has all the Electronic gear, the Horaflora side is an electroacoustic ASMR sort of venture…

"Raub Roy’s decade-old project Horaflora raises questions of authenticity and perception. Cross the damn street already, you wooly-ear’d freak! Like that. Is someone prowling about the streets of the East Bay at 3 am because they want to capture unique spatial phenomenon with binaural recording gear? Or are they high and bored?

Well, you and I both know it doesn’t make a difference. Highness and boredom are both the cause of, and the appreciation for, all of humanity’s greatest leaps. Like watching Kasparov vs. Topalov 1999 re-enacted by Chuck E. Cheese animatronics, “Body Lag (ASMR)” simultaneously activates multiple unconnected brain lobes.

Being a casual juxtaposition of close-mic’d piano guts, spacial field recordings, and direct electronics - disparate times call for disparate measures - “Body Lag” spins multiple loci in a phantasmagorical blender. Stereo, binaural, and hard-panned mono environments meet each other on the common ground of your hi-fi speakers, not in some glossy 3D imitation of life. Rejoice in the purely artificial space! Whirling bodies, at first seemingly oblivious to each others’ existence, gradually fall into orbit. Like twins from different species in a galaxy rife with riff-raff, a synthesized moon finishes the sentence begun by a vibrating fork. Raining shards of neon-colored plastic become glistening synthesized cackles before they land. Wine bottles drunk on their own contents cavort in a mauve field while

Oh, so soon? Be a dear, would you, and flip the tape for me? No, I can’t, the cat’s on my lap. Yes, I could have turned it on, but that crummy auto-reverse mechanism is so loud, it always scares the cat. Then she gets up and I could go flip the tape myself but there’s no use, the auto-reverse already did that, and ruined our reverie in the process. Trust me, it’s better this way. My experience remains intact.

Thank you.

Raub Roy’s months-old project Scy1e raises septuplets of multi-glott’d children into a loving, nurturing home. Multitudes of matronly synths purr and coo with the slow pulse of resting breath, as pre-language vocals languidly weave through the air. Not for this home are the violent, sharp corners of cut-ups; instead, words move and morph with the glandular flow of amniotic fluid.

“Leint”'s samplers act as an auditory Silly Putty, pulling the suavest Cary Grant pillow talk into a Mr. Magoo taffy. Meanwhile, far from the funny pages, swathes of hiss act as a paternal editorial statement. “Hull Hpnd” bounces colorful balls of synthesized pleasure like Francois Bayle playing catch with his kid in the back yard, tossing iridescent sound forms to and fro. By the time we’re through, the oozing phonology of “Resined” has almost learned to create sentences.

Eventually, I’m sure at least one of these seven little scamps will grow up to don fuzzy headphones, taking to the nighttime streets to record unsung urban mechanical ephemera. Hey, you just turned the auto-reverse back on, didn’t you?"

  • Chris Cooper

releases September 25, 2017

Sound recorded by Raub Roy, 2015-2017 in Oakland, CA.
Design by Sightlab.


hah, kinda long winded there, somehow didn’t ‘get’ that this was a whole thread, thought I was posting in ‘reviews’ sub category that is single posts of your album… which doesn’t exist I see now… ok, that is all.


Actually, thank you for sharing the liner notes - it stimulated me to get a copy of the tape!


Phinery copies all sold out, newly minted Artist Edition now available, includes ‘hidden’ option, bay area only, where I hide a tape somewhere and you find it (findability options selectable at checkout)


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@philmaguire’s label Verz Imprint released some quiet(ish) granular music that I made here:


And my own label released some cool stuff by Project Mycelium based around decontextualised samples.

Hope they’re of interest!


I’ve still got copies of my first two self-released cassettes. Eventually I hope to issue physical editions of Lifeblood, Lamentations, and the Tears: Lamentations Remixes series, which have been delayed mostly due to a lack of funds for duplication and packaging over the course of the year.


Gorgeous minimalist packaging on both of these.


Gotta love a thread hijack.

I run a small tape label in Glasgow, Scotland, called Cow Tongue Taco Records.

We have a bunch of cool stuff in stock, but probably a fair few of my last grungey electronic/modular album:

Music here:


A split between me and a fellow Swedish sound artist. A bit inspired by Hawksmoor (cover from Christ Church Spitalfields), dark/light etc…




clears throat


i did a small run of these for my recent tour. there are some left over. u can request a copy here :slight_smile:


Sure hope that tape fragment is glued down :wink:

Love the album - it really creeps up on you, especially with headphones on…!


Good afternoon, everyone.

Some Muzan Editions updates:
As an upstart tape label, we were feeling tentative so we started our inaugural batch of three releases - Andreas Brandal, Hegira Moya and Florian von Ameln- with editions of 25 each and they sold out quicker than we thought! (Psst—DL’s are still available.)

Our newest release just came out this week.

It’s a split tour release between two talented folk, Ant’lrd and Bastian Void who are currently bending minds with other talented cats like Foodman, Endurance and H. Takahashi - all over Japan right now. They’re playing in Kyoto as I type this (I’m stuck at work, phooey).

Edition of 50 midnight blue tapes, and hand made/hand numbered covers designed and printed by yours truly.
Have a listen.
Our next two batches are already set up, and we’ll start accepting demos in 2018.