Cassette releases


The tape is taped hahaha :slight_smile:


One year ago today, I released More Life, the companion release to I Am Still Alive. With the help of Keith Utech / Milwaukee Cassette Works, I produced a small run of 30 hand-stamped cassettes housed in a reel-to-reel box with six acetate artwork panels designed by me and derived from Kristen Roles’ beautiful artwork. Remaining copies from the initial run of 30 are available at my Bandcamp page.


I’m listening to this right now and I think you’d like my friend Terence’s artwork.


Those are some satisfying durations, Chris. Thanks for this!


New one from me on Scottish label Soft Error. brak has some cassette field recordings and max/msp tones and blips. Nice little C16, out Nov 27.


I still have tapes of a project I did with drummer Scott Clark called SCUO—we released this on New Atlantis Records and the cassettes have a remix by the one and only Mick Barr on them. This is guitar/drums and not electronic, but it IS on cassette.

Feel free to private message if you’re interested.


looks awesome!
Somehow reminds me of Philip Stearns Glitch Textiles :slight_smile:


Thanks, and thanks for the purchase! I’ve just released an alternate version of it called Returning, with the similarly satisfying duration of 38:38. Enjoy!


My new album ‘From’ is out today via Seil Records and the cassette edition is ready for pre-order. Shipping starts in early December. Hope you like it.


Yes! Cassettes!

Check out our Cloudchamber Recordings editions - really happy with the way they turned out!


New old sounds. Tone poem wigglers on Obsolete Staircases.


dear friends: my album “spring” is now available on gohan tapes. i am so excited to share these sounds with you! an ambient journey via piano, modular synthesizer, harp, effects, found sounds, and field recordings.

recorded january through april 2017, as rain showers and cool evenings gave way to golden sunlight and new life.

Goals //// 2017

Ha! Just realised who you are from this :smiley: Your tapes are awesome. This thread is awesome! Seems to be a very active tape community here, which is awesome.


my friends at VCO Recordings have 2 new Majeure cassettes out. these usually sell out quickly.


Oh, thank you! Glad you like my music. And yes, lot’s of love for cassettes around here.


My tape label verz has a new release out this Saturday. dear martin by Ryoko Akama, a realization of While Listening by Thomas Martin Nutt.


have to give a shout out to the local heroes at NNA Tapes. They consistently put out great material.


Latest self-release. A few copies left. Available at


Ordered! Do I hear some Rollz-5 in there?


Hey thanks Chris! :heart:
That’s right, mostly rollz-5, benjolin and lyra-8 processed through different effects on those recordings.