Cassette releases


Just ordered:
Orange one is mine!


love the background of your tape shot. Is it fabric–also where’d you get it?


Congrats! I really love the vibes and emotion of this - wonderful sounds :slight_smile:


You know I love this! :raised_hands:


Wanted to share this new cassette release from one of my projects, Bell Mountain. Available on BandCamp:


Ordered! Sounds ace can’t wait to hear on tape


I love that background too, but the pics are from the label, sorry…


Wow thank you! The tape sounds really great. 77 rise knows what they are doing.


Great job Sir,
I just snagged a tape!


Here’s my little label Moreau’s most recent release - stuff by myself + my good friend Jonathan aka Disc image from here in Richmond! Edition of 15, starting to get a bit low of stock.

Give the rest of Moreau’s catalog a look see -



Here’s the latest from the label I co-curate and do design for.
We re-pressed 4 releases: Hegira Moya, Cheekbone, Kyle Landstra and Lee Noble.

Next up is the Spring batch: April Larson, Gunter Schlienz and H. Takahashi. Already sketching out cover designs…never a dull moment.

Also: I’m stoked and honored to have a split release with Portland’s AMULETS coming out on Tandem Tapes in the next week or so. Exciting times! Phew! :sweat_smile: Brb, gotta print and fold some more covers!


20 characters of Really nice work!

Enjoying everything on your label…the 7" in particular.


Looks like there’ something new fro R Beny coming on Seil, this time it’s a split


Yep :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. It‘s a split tape with the wonderful Paperbark. Even though it‘s two halves by two artists, it feels very much like one album.

Out tomorrow, April 5th!


Incredibly honored to release this beautiful split album by Paperbark and @rbeny on my label.

Downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks. And of course there’s a Limited Cassette Edition.


Way back machine:


Just lovely really. Purchased without hesitation


Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:


Listened to this on a plane ride yesterday (when I couldn’t have the OP-1 out of course). Really amazing stuff!


I love this so much! I am almost tempted to get a cassette deck for it :slight_smile: Although after discovering this thread I suspect it won’t be that long before I do…