Cassette releases


Honoured and pleased to see this come out today.



My goodness, this is fantastic. Flips all of the right switches for me.




If you do end up buying a tape deck, I still have copies of this and it’s sister release, I Am Still Alive, available. They’re long overdue, but I’m still planning to make cassette editions of Lifeblood and Lamentations at some point.

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please let me know if they do another run I’d love a copy of this!

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So many tapes! Here’s another one - my new album titled “Deaf Love”, out on the gorgeous Audio Visuals Atmosphere editions!

Tapes/digital available here:



Cool to see a release from Niels’ label on here!



Many! Listening to your TT cassette now, digging the dark tones.

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@prms: AVA does lovely stuff, I really dig their cover art…
@iiii Thanks for listening!



It was an absolute pleasure working with Niels! Top guy!



Yes AVA tapes are so pretty! This new batch he outdid himself. Also the Sequences “Beneath The Earth” limited booklet + CDR is a treasure! I believe you can still grab the final copies…

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cassettes are available for my first modular synth album now.

art and photos by Kaanchee ~ dubbed/printed/etc. by Cryptic Carousel (thanks for the recommendation in the casette production thread @stripes, I am very happy with how they turned out!)

More pictures!



Tape arrived at my desk today - listening right now on my journey home - you nailed it! Sounds awesome :grin:

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That so great to hear! I’m glad you enjoy it and thank you so much for listening :raised_hands:t4:

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Really digging this! Ordered. I guess I need to get a casette deck now :thinking:

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Thanks, hope you enjoy it!

I got my cassette deck a couple years ago off of craigslist for 20 bucks (a JVC KD-D30). It seems to work pretty well!



Got a new tape out. Me and a friend doing low-key improvisational, explorative stuff. Probably the most accessible release from me yet. Smokey clear case/tape. Hand-drawn covers.

Available at our bandcamp >>



@standard_grey congrats on the bandcamp ambient feature! I really like Ashenden too–I discovered it from your post in here a few weeks ago. Excited for my tape to get here :slight_smile:

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Today my small time cassette tape label put out a release for a fellow forum member…

donotrunwithpixels - Super 32 in 1 can be listened to/bought from this link:



For anyone interested my cassette label launched today with 2 albums:

ET I - an album of live performed drum machine workouts
using Vermona, Jomox, Cyclone Analogic and Moog gear with the beatstep
pro as sequencer. Polyrhythms and non Roland style sounds aplenty!

Dr. S - an album of primitive drone synths and primitive
drum machines making a kind of industrial dub / drone. Based heavily
around the Grendel Drone Commander as clock source for a LEP multicassa
and lots of fx and sequencers, all performed live then edited down.

Exciting day launching a label!